Psychoanalyst Contardo Calligaris Dies At 72

Brazil – The writer, psychoanalyst, and playwright Contardo Calligaris died on Tuesday (March 30). He was 72 years old and was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital, in the South Zone of São Paulo, undergoing cancer treatment. The death information was confirmed by son Max Calligaris in an Instagram post.

“I hope to be up to it.” Faced with the approach of death, that was my father’s phrase. He’s gone now. 1948-2021, “published Max, who is a film director. A day earlier, he had used the social network to deny rumors that his father had died.

Born in Milan, Italy, Contardo had his first contact with Brazil in 1986, when he published the book “Hypothesis about the ghost”. He ended up moving for good and publishing several other books.

He also became a columnist for the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper in 1999, publishing his last text in February of this year.

On TV, Calligaris was a screenwriter for the Psi series, on the HBO channel, launched in 2014. Based on his own experience as a psychoanalyst, the production has a plot set in the daily routine of an office. The direction was of the son, Max, next to Marcus Baldini.

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