Fernando Hidalgo Died: How Did Popular Cuban Presenter Die?

The presenter was diagnosed with COVID-19 for what was hospitalization a few days ago.

MIAMI.- This Tuesday it was known that the Cuban presenter, comedian, and producer Fernando Hidalgo died in the city of Miami.

A few days ago learned that Fernando Hidalgo had been hospitalized after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Through Lourdes Ubieta’s Facebook account it was reported that the presenter died of complications associated with the coronavirus.

” The legendary presenter Fernando Hidalgo died in Miami, a victim of complications from COVID-19. Born in Cuba, Fernando developed part of his successful career in Venezuela. My condolences and affection for his children and his wife Nereida. RIP. Another great that is leaving, “wrote Ubieta.

Fernando Hidalgo was born in Cuba and developed part of his career in Venezuela.

Throughout his professional career, he participated in various programs on the America TV channel.

The Cuban television star was one of the talents most appreciated by exiles in South Florida and around the world due to his comedy shows that are already part of the collective memory.

Fernando Hidalgo was not only an entertainer, he also gave motivational advice, and on some occasions, he starred in comic segments.

The Cuban also wrote books.

In 2019, Fernando Hidalgo presented the film, Ernesto’s Manifesto, starring him. He also served as its executive producer. The film was directed by David M. Matthews.

Fernando Hidalgo arrived with his family in the North American city of Chicago in the 60s, when he was just 11 years old, and quickly became the youngest radio host on Hispanic radio. His career as a broadcaster, entertainer, and actor (self-taught, also) developed much more when he settled in Puerto Rico years later.

In Venezuela, at the beginning of the 80s, he starred in a successful television series that was distributed in twenty Latin American countries and which also acquired an important Spanish-speaking channel in the United States. During his career, he has produced 14 television shows and his charisma has enchanted millions of viewers.

In his autobiography, he recalled his childhood on the island as a “poor and happy” time, in which he narrated that his father was a soldier and with the little salary he received, they had to support themselves and lived in an 8-room lot where others lived together. 7 families (one per room), but they shared a single bathroom.

Hidalgo enjoyed the peak of his career when he began with “El Show de Fernando Hidalgo”, at 7:00 pm on channel 41, seen in South Florida, Puerto Rico, New York, and the Dominican Republic. It was also seen in Cuba but in a clandestine way.

Hidalgo dedicated himself, also in a self-taught way, to studying metaphysics in the 70s and was later able to teach it. He opened an office to treat emotional and self-esteem problems for 5 years. He recorded two cassettes of motivational metaphysical messages, a cassette of mental treatments, and a video course in mental programming.

Hidalgo considered himself “a citizen of the Universe”, he was radically anti-communist and did not believe in religions, “but he did believe in a good and kind God.”

He was the author of the motivational book Survivor of Hell (Alexandra Library Inc.), with a strong autobiographical charge and in which he questions the prejudices instilled by traditional religions over the centuries.

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