Fernando Hidalgo, Comedian Of Hispanic TV In The United States, Dies

The communicator died in Miami at the age of 71 due to covid-19

Cuban presenter and comedian Fernando Hidalgo, a leading figure on Spanish-language television in South Florida, died this Tuesday in Miami at the age of 71 due to health complications caused by covid-19.

The news of the death of the one who was for years the star of El Show de Fernando Hidalgo on MegaTV has spread rapidly through the media and social networks, where numerous messages extol his figure and lament his disappearance.

“Until the end working (…) Full of dreams and the illusion of returning to Cuba without a dictatorship one day. I believe that today many of us should say ‘Thank you, Fernando’. Rest in Peace,” said José Carlucho, another presenter and Cuban comedian in Miami, on his social networks.

“In these moments of pain, we join his wife Nereida Corona, his children, his relatives, and the entire people of Puerto Rico and South Florida, whom Fernando Hidalgo loved so much. Our entire team recognizes Fernando Hidalgo’s contribution to a great stage in MegaTV “, said in a statement José R. Pérez, vice president of Programming and Production of MegaTV.

“The Fernando Hidalgo Show” was seen on AméricaTeVé (Channel 41) at 7 pm through the signal in Florida, Puerto Rico, New York, and the Dominican Republic. Later he went to MegaTV where he continued to be successful.

After leaving Cuba, Hidalgo settled in Chicago with his family in the 1960s. Later he settled in Puerto Rico, where he was able to develop the foundations to become one of the most respected Hispanic comedians.

In the 1970s he also had the opportunity to work with John Wayne and Rock Hudson on their Hollywood journey.

Many remember his figure and what he has represented for the Hispanic public.

The last public appearance on record was in November 2020, during an interview with Carlucho on Univista TV.

From Cuba, he moved with his family to Chicago, where over time he became the youngest announcer on Hispanic radio, and later settled in Puerto Rico.

Fernando Hidalgo was born in Cuba, where he left in 1960 after Fidel Castro came to power, and during his career, he produced 14 television programs.

From Cuba, he moved with his family to Chicago, where over time he became the youngest speaker on Hispanic radio, and later settled in Puerto Rico, where he developed a broad artistic career as a self-taught announcer, entertainer, and actor.

In the 70s he worked in Hollywood accompanying stars of the category John Wayne and Rock Hudson, and then he returned to Puerto Rico to become a television producer.

For years, Hidalgo’s programs were also seen in Cuba thanks to the clandestine diffusion on VHS videos, compact discs, and later in the customary weekly packages that are distributed on storage devices.

His last Hollywood film was Ernesto’s Manifesto (2019), by David M. Matthews, of which he starred and executive produced.

In his own words, “the main thing I have learned from life is that you have to do everything possible to help make this planet a much better place to live than the one we found at birth.”

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