Enrique Pinti Dies At The Age Of 82

The actor and comedian passed away at the age of 82 after an enormous artistic career.

In the midst of deep pain in the artistic community, it was reported that the remains of the artist Enrique Pinti, who died this Sunday, will be veiled on Monday on the first floor of the Buenos Aires Multiteatro (Av. Corrientes 1283), from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the body will be buried in the Pantheon of Actors of the Chacarita Cemetery.

“Enrique’s niece and her friend and assistant Cipe Fridman decided that the farewell would be on the first floor of the Multiteatro, which was her last stage and where she planned to premiere her next show ‘Pinti Protocol,'” Carlos told the Télam agency. Rottenberg, owner of that theatrical hall, and old friend and colleague of the artist.

The comedian died during the early hours of this Sunday, at the Otamendi Sanatorium; after several days of hospitalization: since March 5. He was 82 years old.

Pinti, who in recent years had been coping with severe diabetes and circulatory problems in his legs, has also experienced depression since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Pinti was born in Buenos Aires, on October 7, 1939? He was an actor, comedian, theater director, writer, and playwright.

At the express request of Pinti to his assistant Fridman, the last goodbye must dispense with the flower arrangements that are usually made in these situations. Information that was ratified by Rottemberg.

The theatrical producer revealed that the creator of the acting record show ‘Salsa Criolla’ had one last wish: “he asked that flowers not be sent to him and if someone thought of spending on it, they should donate it to the Casa del Teatro. It seems incredible but until the end, he was thinking about the artistic community to which he belonged,” Rottemberg pained.

Moved by the departure of his partner in so many projects, the playwright confessed that he tries to “continue coping with this sadness.”

“Enrique’s death is a page of the sad days of the Argentine show for everything he did in so many years and that allowed him to go from making a classic at the San Martín Theater to starring in ‘The producers with Guillermo Francella,'” he remarked.

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