Kirill Bichutsky Dead Or Alive? The Real Truth Unrevealed

Kirill Bichutsky is a well-known nightlife photographer, entrepreneur, and event manager. He is a Russian-born-American photographer who is now located in New York. He appeared in the famous Netflix documentary “This American Meme,” alongside Paris Hilton and Josh Ostrovsky. Along with that, he was once featured in the Showtime documentary 3 AM.

Kirill is very famous and well-known in the United States and Europe for his amazing nightclub performances and an exciting partying lifestyle. He utilizes his social media platform like Instagram to show his videos and pictures to his fans.

He was banned from Twitter in the year 2017. However, his Instagram account has been disabled too several times.

The death news of Kirill Bichutsky has been circulating, which is found to be untrue. However, the New-York based photographer was admitted to a hospital for an unexplained reason. He, himself, shared a picture on Instagram of himself in a medical gown. He hasn’t shared any information regarding his operation.

However, according to several reports, he has been reported dead. His death news has been surfacing over the Internet. Although, his death news has not been confirmed.

This nightlife photographer was born in Moscow, Russia. His date of birth is June 9, 1984. His parents immigrated to the United States when he was just two years old. He, along with his parents, settled in the Roxbury areas of New Jersey.

He graduated from Roxbury High School. Later on, he got a scholarship to Willian Paterson University. He is a marvelous and amazing photographer who has been praised for exclusive coverage of numerous huge parties and night events. According to recent reports, his net worth is estimated to be between $4 and $5 million.

Kirill Bichutsky has not revealed details regarding his father or family. Also, no family statement has been revealed regarding his death.

The photographer has a Wikipedia page where you can read his biography.

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