Cuban Author Delia Fiallo Dies At 96

EXCLUSIVELY, her daughter confirmed the death of the creator of ‘Esmeralda’, ‘El privilegio de amar’ and more The world of entertainment is repainted in mourning with the sudden death of Delia Fiallo, writer and screenwriter of important soap operas such as ‘Esmeralda’ and ‘El privilegio de amar’, at the age of 96.

The person in charge of confirming the death of the so-called ‘mother of the novel’ was her daughter, who revealed to Las Estrellas that the native of Cuba died peacefully and surrounded by her loved ones. Until now, more details about her death are unknown.

Thanks to her outstanding literary works, Delia Fiallo became one of the maximum representatives of the contemporary rose novel, achieving that her stories were adapted in different parts of the world, among which Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and the United States stand out.

. In our country, the name of the famous woman stood out thanks to the adaptations that Televisa made of stories such as ‘Esmeralda’, ‘Mariana de la noche’, ‘A refuge for love’, ‘The one who could not love’, ‘Peregrina’, ‘Mar de amor’, ‘El privilegio de amar’, among others.

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