Cuban Actor Enrique Molina Dies Of Covid-19

Cuban film and television actor Enrique Molina has died, according to local media.

“Another strong blow is suffered by Cuban culture. Another goodbye must be given, this time, to one of the greats on the screen. Condolences to family, friends and the people of Cuba in general. #EnriqueMolinaPorSiempre ”. The CMHW was published this morning.

The actor, who has been fighting COVID-19 for several days, is one of the most popular artists among the Cuban people.

The official profile of Luis Silva (our beloved pamphleteer) was one of the first to give the sad news. “Damn, hottie! A pleasure to have shared the scene with you. Enrique Molina has left. Just a few months after losing his wife. Good trip. EPD. #enriquemolina #actorescubanos # cuba🇨🇺 #luissilva ”.

Molina Hernández. Outstanding film, theater, and television actor with a broad artistic and professional career. Among other awards and recognitions, he received the honorary title of the first edition of the Enrique Almirante Award in 2015 and is an Artist of Merit of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.

Of humble origins, he was born in Santiago de Cuba on October 31, 1943. It was in this Cuban city, the most Caribbean, where he began to perform at the beginning of the 60s, from the quarry of the amateur movement. It started in a group belonging to the Union of Gastronomic Workers and later joined this founding group, the Conjunto Dramático de Oriente.

Over time, he became one of the most versatile and organic actors in Cuba. For several decades he has worked in various media: Cuban television, theater, and cinema.

After moving to Havana, he continued to develop his talent in television series, adventure programs, and soap operas such as the popular Tierra Brava.

While he was making his way into various areas of dramatized programming, his role in the series In Silence Has Had to stand out.

Unforgettable is the time he gave life to Lenin in the play The Kremlim Carillon. His opening to the experience of the seventh art began under the direction of the director Manuel Pérez, in the early 70s, in the film El hombre de Maisinicú.

Enrique will continue in the memory of every Cuban.

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