Jeanette Zacarías Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

The Mexican fell to the ground after the fight against Canadian fighter Marie Pier Houle and has died after spending five days in an induced coma.

The boxing world is in mourning after hearing the sad death of Mexican boxer  Jeanette Zacarías, just 18 years old. The fighter has not been able to overcome the injuries she suffered in a brutal fight against the Canadian Marie Pier Houle and has ended up dying.

The news has filled the entire Mexican sport with sadness and desolation and especially the boxing universe, which thus registers one more victim on its list of misfortunes after the death of this young promise of the ring who had just started her boxing career and that has had a premature and painful outcome.

Jeanette Zacarías and Marie Pier Houle faced each other in all-out combat in which the Canadian showed all her power until she managed to corner her rival in one of the corners of the ring from which she could no longer get out. Unable to even dodge or stop the blows, Zacarías lost her composure and stiffness as she took one blow after another.

With her guard down, Marie Pier Houle gave him two direct shots that were totally third and that knocked down any resistance from the Mexican, who alarmingly accused the punishment of her rival while the referee did not stop the contest, something that has been severely criticized.

Once the fight was over and while Marie Pier Houle celebrated her victory in the ring, the 18-year-old Mexican boxer quickly received medical attention and from her entire team. Seconds later, she collapsed on the canvas after failing to overcome the terrible punishment to which she had been subjected. The first survival maneuvers were carried out on the same quadrilateral and she was transferred to a nearby medical center.

A fatal outcome

The fight was held last Saturday at the  Stade IGA in Montreal and went until the fourth round when the fatal outcome occurred. After receiving the hail of blows, she began to convulse and was taken to a clinic in Montreal where she was immediately sedated. The decision was later made to induce him into a coma.

In this state, she has remained for five days until finally nothing more could be done for her life. Minutes later her death was reported. “It is with great sadness and distress that we learn that Jeanette Zacarías has left us. The entire Yvon Michel Group team is extremely distressed by this painful announcement.” This was announced in an official statement by the company promoting the event, the Yvon Michel Group.

Jeanette Zacarías was originally from Aguascalientes, in Mexico, and was known by the nickname of Chiquitiboom. She began her professional boxing career on January 27, 2018, and so far she had managed to play six fights of which she only won two and lost four others, three of them by knockout. Now, her death fills the entire universe of this noble and risky sport with sadness and pain

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