Brazilian Actor Paulo Gustavo Dies At 42

Paulo Gustavo, one of Brazil’s most beloved comedians, died on Tuesday night at age 42 due to complications from covid-19, his medical team reported.

“At 9:12 p.m. on Tuesday, unfortunately, the patient Paulo Gustavo Monteiro died, a victim of covid-19 and its complications,” the bulletin announced. The news shocked Brazil.

The actor had been hospitalized since March 13 at the Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

“The professional team that participated in his treatment is deeply shocked and is in solidarity with the suffering of all,” the hospital statement concluded.

“Since March 13, in Rio de Janeiro, with a picture of COVID-19, Paulo Gustavo remains in the Intensive Care Service, and in the last 24 hours, there were serious complications. After some improvement, Paulo Gustavo suddenly got worse yesterday. Today, 03/05, the actor’s press office issues a new medical bulletin stating that: ‘Yesterday afternoon, after reducing the sedatives and the neuromuscular blocker, the patient woke up and interacted well with the professional team and with her husband. At night, suddenly, there was a marked worsening of the level of consciousness and vital signs, when new tests showed that there was disseminated gas embolism, including the central nervous system, due to a bronchial lateralvenous fistula. Unfortunately, the current clinical situation is unstable and extremely serious’.The actor’s family continues to thank all the affection and asking for prayers for Paulo Gustavo’s recovery, as well as for the other people affected by this terrible disease “, the statement said.

According to information from the press office, the actor woke up and interacted with her husband, Thales Bretas, with whom she has two children, Romeu and Gael, on Sunday (2).

The actor was born in Niterói, in Rio de Janeiro, on October 30, 1978. Married to the dermatologist Thales Bretas and father of two children, Paulo Gustavo played different characters on television, film, and theater, but it was Doña Herminia, a fast-talking divorced mother who starred in the piece “Minha mãe é uma peça” (My mother is a case) who made it a box office record.

With more than 15 million followers on Instagram, the charismatic comedian received thousands of messages of support from fans and personalities of entertainment, culture, and politics.

Paulo Gustavo underwent several treatments during his hospitalization, including an artificial respiration mechanism. He had to be intubated almost two weeks ago and, although this weekend he showed signs of improvement, on Monday, doctors reported that his condition had worsened. This Tuesday the team reported that his painting was irreversible.

Musician Caetano Veloso was one of the first to share his grief tonight. “Paulo Gustavo is the expression of Brazilian joy,” he wrote on Twitter along with a photo with the actor.

“I received with great sadness the death of Paulo Gustavo. The covid took one more of us. A great Brazilian who offered our country so much joy. Rest in peace. His talent will never be forgotten,” tweeted former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Dozens of messages of regret over the death of the actor criticized the Brazilian government for its way of managing the pandemic.

More than 411,000 people have died of covid-19 in Brazil, where President Jair Bolsonaro has downplayed the severity of the disease, promoted crowds, and questioned the use of masks and the effectiveness of vaccines.

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