Camila Sodi Was Hospitalized In An Emergency

The actress explained that her health has improved in the last few hours and she should continue with a soft diet

Camila Sodi lived a difficult night after being hospitalized for an emergency intestinal infection and although her health improved in the last hours, her testimony on social networks worried more than one of her followers.

The actress, in full promotion of the horror film The Exorcism of Carmen Faríaswas admitted “for a professional greedy”, as she explained from her Instagram stories.

She indicated that her health was affected during the early hours of Tuesday, for which she was hospitalized in the emergency room of a medical unit in Mexico City, thanks to the prompt reaction of one of her best friends, who remained with her in every moment.

“Yesterday I spent the night in the emergency room for an intestinal infection. I’m better now, thank you very much, ”She wrote on her social network next to the photograph that proves her admission to the capital hospital and in which he is seen on a stretcher.

She took the opportunity to thank the medical staff who attended her and all those involved in the welfare of society.

“I want to thank everyone and everyone who is dedicated to taking care of us. Nurses, doctors, cleaning people in hospitals and clinics, stretchers, ambulances. Thank you for your attention, support, intelligence, dedication and support ”, she mentioned in her social networks.

She added a special message for the friend who accompanied her in the most difficult moments of her hospitalization: “For taking me to the hospital and staying up until 6 am while they treated me. I love you friendship ”.

In another video posted on Instagram stories, Camila Sodi gave more details about her health and thus we learned that her discomfort was caused by excessive food intake.

“For greedy”, she titled the video in which he explained her condition that has already improved a lot during the last hours and for which he will have to adopt a soft diet.

Amila Sodi Hospitalized
(Photo: camilasodi_ / Instagram)

“Thanks for all the little notes. I’m already at home, I’m better and basically, this happens to me as a greedy, as a professional greedy. So to rest delicious, food and rice, I send you kisses “, she concluded in the recording of a few seconds.

Camila Sodi is always very active on her social networks and is currently promoting the film El exorcismo de Carmen Farías, just after she concluded her participation in the second season of Luis Miguel, the series.

This is the first horror film promoted by the Cinépolis Distribución label, which is why it will be in theaters of this national chain as of May 5.

The supernatural horror film written and produced by Molo Alcocer and produced by Invicta Films.

Camila Sodi, Juan Pablo Castañeda, María del Carmen Farías and Juan Carlos Colombo are part of the stellar cast led by Mexican Rodrigo Fiallega.

The town known as El Oro de Hidalgo, located between the State of Mexico and the vicinity of Tlalpujahua, a community in Michoacán , was the setting for the supernatural horror film starring Thalía’s niece.

The film exposes the story of a journalist named Carmen, a role played by Camila Sodi, who returns to her grandmother’s town to investigate more about her family legacy, just after her mother’s death.

In this place, she will discover the most hidden secrets of her grandmother and what she did to save her from a demon that persecutes her loved ones.

The 34-year-old actress has also just concluded her participation in Luis Miguel, the series, where she played “Erika”, a character that refers to Issabela Camil, one of the most important brides of the “Sol de México”.

“ERIKA … It has been an honor for me to interpret in fiction the version that someone has of you during a specific moment in your life. I have done it with all the love, respect and admiration that I have for you. Thank you for allowing me to reimagine and interpret this memory that someone has of you. I love you ”, she wrote from her Instagram account to say goodbye to the emblematic character in the life of Luis Miguel.

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