Andoni García: Preparing For Another Season Of EXATLON USA?

The fifth season of Reality Deportivo Exatlon Estados Unidos will probably go down in history as one of the most controversial in the history of the competition program, as it lasted longer than any other and also added to the battle a good amount of reinforcements up to a stage very close to the crucial moments. One of these reinforcements was a well-known face of Exatlon Estados Unidos, the Spanish athlete, and model Andoni García, who almost did not win this second chance to achieve glory.

Since Andoni García once again set foot in the Dominican Republic, the scene of the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”, we all remember in the audience his extensive athletic prowess, by teaching us again why he was only moments away from receiving that coveted trophy and the $ 200,000 when it participated in previous installments.

Upon his arrival with Wilmarie Negrón, both were in charge of injecting that extra adrenaline into Team Contendientes, which was going through a difficult time and this reinforcement was enough to put the competition back on a more equitable level. There is no doubt that he is one of the best in the history of the show!

Preparing for another season of EXATLON USA?

But everything would indicate that, like a good athlete, Andoni García would not be prepared to give up when it comes to the Exatlon Estados Unidos. So much so that he is already training hard to get back to his best physical form.

In the video, which Andoni shared on his social networks, he assured that he had promised his wife that he was going to train in the Exatlon Estados Unidos in addition to the circuits, but he assured that he ended up very tired after the long days, taking the opportunity to applaud the constancy of the “Leon” “Tavo”, who said, “he trained every day”.

He also said that he is ready to return to the Exatlon Estados Unidos to give himself the opportunity since he is already giving everything to return to an optimal physical state. Do not miss this video courtesy of the specialized portal for fans of the competition, Madison Entertainment:

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