Actor Tomás Vidiella Dies At 83

The outstanding actor, director, and cultural manager is considered the father of the Chilean café concert, in addition to having a vast career in theater, film, and television.

As a result of the complications derived from COVID-19, the prominent national actor Tomás Vidiella died at the age of 83, who had been hospitalized since last Monday, March 8.

Vidiella was an actor, film, theater, and television director, and cultural manager, with a great career. He was the founder of the company El Túnel, together with his sister Eliana Vidiella. He is considered the father of the Café Concert in Chile, which he helped forge and develop with remarkable success in the 1970s and 1980s.

He was the founder of several national theater companies such as “El Conventillo”, “Hollywood” and “El Túnel”, along with his sister, also actress Eliana Vidiella. In 1976 he played the first transformer in Chilean theater in the play Cabaret Nijoux. In teleseries, he was one of the first gallants in the dramatic area of ​​Televisión Nacional de Chile hired by Sonia Fuchs when she began to lay her foundations in the eighties. Thus standing out in La torre 10, along with Sonia Viveros and Javiera Parada. he also contributed his experience, as a mature actor, in several Channel 13 productions, in the 1990s.

Although for a long time he has not been a stable part of the cast of any soap opera, he can be seen regularly both in outstanding plays, as well as in feature films. In the theater, he has stood out mainly with the play Viejos de Mierda (a delirious comedy written and directed by Rodrigo Bastidas, where Vidiella shares roles with Coco Legrand and Jaime Vadell). In 2018 he received a tribute by the Actors Union of Chile for his career.

In addition, during his career, the actor received various decorations such as the Award of the Association of Journalists of Shows, Art and Culture of Chile (APES) for Best Theater Actor in 2001 for the Long journey from day tonight. In 2017 he played the protagonist of La memoria de mi padre, alongside Jaime McManus, under the direction of Rodrigo Bacigalupe. The work of both actors was recognized with the Best Actor Award at SANFIC International Film Festival.

In 2016 he received the Lifetime Achievement Medal for the 75 years of the Experimental Theater of the University of Chile and in the last edition of the Caleuche Awards last February, he was decorated with an award for his career.

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