In each season of the Telemundo competition program, the Exatlon United States, the triumph of its winners is the first step on a path of achievements that begin once they are crowned as winners of the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”, for example to the first winner, Chelly Cantú, who went from gymnastics to being a sports commentator on the same program in which she made history as the first winner.

But there is another warrior who since his triumph in 2020, as the winner of the fourth season of Exatlon United States, has not stopped making news, either because of his intense physical training, such as his charitable trips to different areas of Latin America, a region that he is passionate about, is Nate Burkhalter. The so-called “Latin-Gringo” of the competition.

During his stay in the Dominican Republic, as part of the fourth, and difficult, edition of Exatlon United States, Nate stood out as one of the competitors with the most potential, taking into account different factors that do not end in his inexhaustible sports prowess, but in his spirit and good spirit that he infected each of his companions. This good attitude was put into practice when he suffered two strong injuries that almost forced him to leave the competition, but thanks to that positive attitude and unwavering smile, together with a deep Christian faith, the warrior returned to become a winner of Exatlon USA.

A lover of Latin America

The Spartan race champion, and two-time finalist of the famous NBC competition program,  American Ninja Warrior,  in view of the different waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, had to suspend different trips that he had scheduled after having done with the title of winner of Exatlon United States, among those who were traveling through Latin America, a region of which he confessed lover in an interview with wepublishnews, where he also talked about the perfect ingredients to succeed in Exatlon.

Legitimate passion for competitions

Known for always proving himself in different fields. Recently Nate Burkhalter announced through his Instagram profile that he was ready to participate again in the American Ninja Warrior program, and shared with his followers what was his audition video, a fun song on guitar and voice, where the blonde from the eternal smile assures that it is his moment to retake this test that he already knows, but that he wants to win.

I applied to the 2021 season of American Ninja Warrior! Do you think I’ll get accepted?! If I do, it will be my 7th season competing!

Last year I took a break from Ninja Warrior because I was down in the Dominican Republic for an incredible (and challenging) 7 month competition on @exatlonestadosunidos

I made this video in a few hours, only using my phone. Not too bad for the procastiNate pro 😅

Yes, I know I’m not the best singer! It’s just a fun way for me to express my energy and creativity, so I face the fear and do it anyway!

Best of luck to all those who applied for this season, and keep up the hard work and training!

From EXATLON USA to Hollywood?

Now it seems that Nate Burkhalter’s next stop is the big screen, as he announced that his next project will be small participation in a movie called “Pulled From Darkness”, so he was traveling to Fort Wayne, India for three days to record her character.

Regarding his participation, the producer of the film, George A. Johnson reported the following:

“We are very pleased to announce the participation of the ‘American Ninja Warrior’, Nate Burkhalter in the movie ‘Pulled From Darkness’, as one of Borysko’s men. 

Nate has shown great strategy in his appearances on “American Ninja Warrior”, not only did he triumph over all obstacles, he did it while recovering from intoxication and facing an obstacle that could potentially seriously injure him. 

Nate is a very talented athlete, offering everything he does to the glory of God and it is an honor to have him in this movie. “

Nate Burkhalter

According to the IMDB website, the film Pulled From Darkness is inspired by the real-life story of a woman who was kidnapped at night, taken from her three young children, and sold for trafficking after her husband lost her. in a card game. After living in a dark concrete cell for three years, she became so ill that her captors dumped her body on the street. She woke up from a coma in a hospital, where a compassionate nurse befriended her and joined her in the miraculous search for her missing children.


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