Why Did Joshua Graves Attack Catherine Ready & Her Family?

Joshua Graves was shot dead by police. He was charged with stabbing a mother and her two daughters on Monday night.

He was shot down by three brave police officers when he refused to drop his knife which he was using to kill the victim.

The report reveals that he had a romantic interest in 1 of the victims.

Killer Joshua Graves was charged with stalking and sexual harassment days before he attacked the victim. Moreover, he was the family’s next-door neighbor. 

He tried to stab the family just after he was released from jail. Earlier, on Thursday he was charged with his first criminal activity later he was released from custody on Friday.

The Ottawa police release further details on the incident. It is confirmed that the victim was sexually assaulted by the killer Joshua Grave.   The victims are identified as Anne-Marie Ready, 50,  who worked as a trade commissioner at Global Affairs, and her daughter Jasmine Ready, 15, who recently finished Grade 10. She was a student at the French Catholic high school Franco-Cité.

Catherine Ready, 19, the eldest daughter of the family who graduated from Franco-Cité last year, was stabbed by the killer Joshua. But she managed to survive the stabbing and also saved herself from the police gunfire. 

Joshua, the murderer, had recently expressed romantic interest in her; he had been warned and instructed to stay away.

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