Today’s horoscope, Saturday, October 17: predictions about love, work and money

We review luck, work, health for today, and what the week will bring you. wepublishnews offers you the horoscope of all the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Is today the appointed day to speak to “that” person? Is it a good day to solve old problems or to reconnect with an old acquaintance? Will work go well today? Will you receive gratifying news? Discover how your day will be on October  17  according to your horoscope, although if you prefer to know how it will go throughout the week, you can also check it in EL ESPAÑOL.


Today your source of discord will be relationships with others in general. So you should consider some other way to carry out your meetings and your deals. It is important that you do not rush into decisions and that the reasons calmly. Because sometimes new ideas arise after resting them. If everything is agreed upon in advance, follow your perception.

Love:  You will have a special day, in which you will delight your partner, because among others, you will be able to listen to her as she deserves, and that is the main thing in a relationship. Enjoy the good atmosphere.

Work:  It is fortunate that there is harmony on all levels and more in the profession. You will have to make an effort so that everything is more pleasant and more harmonious.

changes:  Pay attention to economic issues, because today you will be in luck. So take advantage and plan everything in advance.


Today you will notice that sometimes you have useless confrontations with close people, whom you love very much, but you always pretend to be right. And that cannot be because everyone has their own bit of reason. Today you are here to help everyone who comes to you, so keep calm and good-natured. That way everything will be easier.

Love:  You need to use your romanticism to the fullest. And your loving way and the affection that you profess to others will be very well accepted. Especially for your partner.

Work:  Today you need genius and innovation to be part of your day. And with them, you can do everything you have in mind. Enjoy it. And prepare everything in advance

Changes:  What you need to transform the most are your own personality and your character. So take advantage of this very suggestive day and you will see how you achieve miracles not only for others but also for yourself.


Today, you will be able to carry out endless actions, as it will be a very busy day. You will notice that your ingenuity accelerates and that at the same time it generates many new ideas that will help you in your future. Also, your relationship with children or children, in general, will be fantastic. Don’t lose sight of your dreams, they are very important. Soon everything will change.

Love: Your excessive sensitivity, sometimes does not allow you to see beyond what other people have. You need to open up and trust more to feel that there are many people waiting for an opportunity.

Work:  You need to weigh your alternatives and also try to make everything you reason with perfect logic; This way you will avoid going “Through the hills of Úbeda”.

Changes:  It is important that your dreams can start. But for this, you will have to get rid of many loose fringes that still swarm around you. Ditch them once and for all.


Today you should pay attention to your family issues. In addition, financial and real estate matters will also be involved. It is a good day to deal with bank advisers or with people who can advise you on all these issues. It is important that you leave everything well planned. And that way your peace of mind will increase.

Love: Togetherness and companionship are many times more important than anything that seems superfluous adornments and loves. It is better that they are stable and friendly.

Work:  You will have to catch up on many topics. And the main thing will be to maintain that atmosphere of euphoria and harmony that will govern if you know how to preserve and increase it.

Changes:  Your projects need a profound change. And your stability needs them too. So get to work”. After doing so, you will feel much better.


Today is a day in which the most important thing will be that you relate to your contacts and that you talk about the issues you have in common. Everything that has to do with advertising or with matters to give a greater knowledge of the activities will be very positive. And it will be of great help, everything is done days ago. Since you will only outline 3 or 4 things and everything will be ready.

Love: The most important thing is the depth of the feeling AND everything that you have shared. That’s why when you talk you always remember all those trips and moments together that unite you so much.

Work:  Let yourself be carried away by your inspiration and you will see how everything is recomposed and put in its place. It is not necessary to think so much, just let yourself be carried away by your heart.

Changes:  The greatest transformation will be the one you maintain in your occupations and in your profession; since you’ve been entangled in the same thing for a long time. Change goals and profiles in your projects.


Today the most important thing will be stability. And since you will have harmony around you, it will be much easier. So take the opportunity to deal with all those economic and / or financial issues, which sometimes escape you; and before which you find it difficult to decide. It is time to have everything clear and to go for it. So follow your perceptions, and go ahead.

Love: It is necessary to find passion again and to have those feelings that you had at the beginning. With this, you will take an incredible leap in your relationship.

Work:  you will have to take care of everything, but in a more distant way, without getting involved as you did until now, because that way you will feel less weight. You will see how cool.

Changes:  You need to return to maintain the joy of being able to travel and change of scenery, so plan carefully everything you want for a while. And that illusion will keep you happier.


Today you can dedicate yourself to your favorite topics and everything that relates to your well-being. Maybe you want to rest or relax. A good massage is an option. And another would be to sleep until late if you can afford it. But don’t push yourself beyond your means, because you need to feel fit and that brightens life and your personality.

Love: Your great affection is the secret of everything. And it is the one that moves everything that encompasses your life. You will feel with great joy to be able to give your best. So you will always surprise everyone.

Work: you need to organize your day to day in a simpler way. Maybe you haven’t stopped to write how to do it. It is much more effective than rambling about it.

Changes: you need a boost to revalue life as it is. Don’t try to force anything. Sometimes it is much easier for everything to flow around you. Don’t even think so willingly.


Today you need to organize your goals and your plans, which have been stored inside you for a long time. It is time to plan it better and to bring out all that you have of wit and talent. And it is time to give “The chest do”. Otherwise, you will never start all that you have so much desire to do. Take advantage of the fact that today you will have more time.

Love: Take advantage of the romantic vein of this day and prepare an ideal evening for two, which will remind you of other happy moments. You can leave until late. This will bring you closer together.

Work:  You need to solve certain quite important issues, But you’ve been in a lot of trouble for days and all of this is getting more and more tangled. Think simply and everything will come together.

Changes:  The most important thing is that you radically transform your way of relating to others; especially with the partner. That way you will gain quality of life and avoid tantrums.


Today the most important thing will be that you launch your projects because you have already delved into them a lot. You will have to gather up your courage and feel like opening your doors and that life does not simply pass by your side, but at the same time you can be a part of it and carry out activities that you like and that will help you feel much better.

Love: You have a harmonic note that can appear at any time, as long as you know how to take advantage of it; so you could meet someone interesting. But you should be a positive person.

Work:  Everything will flow like a river bed and you will feel with a higher quality of life. So get organized and enjoy everything life has to offer. It is a different time.

Changes:  It is a time to take care of yourself and your health, both physical and emotional. The most important thing is that you take into account diet and exercise. Since they will be welcome.


Today you will have to open up to others. Because sometimes you are too much inside yourself and inside. It is important that you contact, that you go out, that you have fun. And that you project your ideas to others so that they know that you have many geniuses that you can put into motion both in the profession and personally.

Love:  It will be a very friendly day and that will be thanks to your ingenuity to anticipate situations and to warn what is going to happen as if you were a person with special abilities.

Work:  If you keep your spirits up, and your joy of living; everything seems to be going great. So trust and go out and eat the world. You will appreciate it later.

Changes:  Possible misunderstandings in your projects; calm. You should feel the joy and happiness of enjoying your life and everything you have. This will help you feel better.


Today you will have a great desire to know new activities and to learn new topics. Some of them are on the waiting list and they are “Certain pending subjects.” Others are more personal and you can develop them to feel more fully and with great inner joy. So don’t waste your time and get to it.

Love: It is important to maintain stability and harmony at all times; because sometimes because of nonsense, everything can jump through the air and that does not suit you. Lean on your sympathy.

Work:  You will have a little bit of everything, that is, good moments and others not so much. But you will have the strength to carry everything forward, since your strength is very great and your desire to do everything well, too.

Changes:  The best option today will be to pay attention to your family and home. Because they need you more than ever. And you are the central axis on which everything else moves. So try to harmonize everything.


Today you will feel that you need a boost so that you change completely. That is, you want to turn so that it looks like you want to “flip the sock”. Now you can feel that you are the one who organizes your life. And your vitality and spirit will be greatly increased in terms of security and confidence. So take advantage.

Love: Do not be carried away by your irony that is too sharp, as this could spoil a fairly calm environment and it would be very satisfying if you put more than your part.

Work:  Don’t try so hard; just pay attention and be aware of every step you take in everything. It is the only way to avoid small mistakes, which will make you waste more time.

Changes:  It is an ideal day to surprise a very dear person. So you can prepare a surprise party or you can pay him a visit and share it as you did before.

Numerological predictions of the day

It is a special day to finish a cycle and begin to glimpse another. This means that you can establish guidelines to change everything you don’t like or what no longer makes sense in your life. part of your life. To harmonize with all this and feel more in tune, you could use the color pink-fuchsia or red, if only to see it near you. You don’t have to wear it in the wardrobe.

You should be a generous person and very focused on being humanitarian too: light blue, and yellow.

The energies of earth, fire, and water are mainly moving. This means that it will affect more the signs of Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus and those of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and also Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Whether you have the sun, moon, ascendant or midheaven or some major planet or some dominant aspect.

To counteract inharmonious energies, use the color violet.

Message: It is a time when you are considering a change of direction in your life. And a series of initiatives that you can take shortly. It will be a very busy day because everything will revolve around you. But at the same time, all this will be very positive because it will help you to streamline your affairs.

Attention: You will have to take care of contacting the most suitable people who can collaborate and / or help you in your personal and professional matters. Many times where you least expect it, someone will emerge to help you feel more supportive.

ARIES: It is a day to be able to prepare everything you want to start shortly and to leave everything well structured. It is a new cycle change. And all the energy you put into it will help you tremendously.

TAURUS: Use your hunches and your perceptions in a very profuse way, because they will be the ones that will guide you for everything you need to start and carry out, either alone or with the company.

GEMINI: Your way of communicating and expressing yourself will take on a lot of importance today. Contacts with trusted siblings and friends will be very important. It will be a busy day and a lot of fun.

CANCER: It is a day to feel calmer than other days because everything will develop more slowly. It is as if you will sit and watch the grass grow. And you know that’s pretty slow. But this way you will take advantage of your solid plans.

LEO: Today everything will move too fast, and sometimes you won’t have time to see it. So pay close attention and keep your perception very open so nothing gets out.

VIRGO: Today you will be able to deal with issues related to the family and with certain matters that need legal advice. Since it is better to “Prevent than cure”. So calm and a lot of awareness.

LIBRA: It is important that you settle certain issues that have been waiting for you to resolve them, as soon as possible. It will be very important that you do it because you can move on to other more fun and pleasant matters.

SCORPIO: At last you will realize that everything you have sown comes back to you. And you will be very happy to receive these awards. Since sometimes they escape your perception. And you can’t understand why it happens like this.

SAGITTARIUS: You will have to leave behind certain issues that no longer fit your new life, or your way of being. This will help you feel much more vital. If along the way you find someone to support, do it.

CAPRICORN: You can start from scratch as if you had a little rebirth. This will be very nice because we all like second chances to rebuild a life.

AQUARIUS: You will have to realize how you cooperate with others. Many times you do it out of inertia; But now you will have to pay more attention to give your best. Only in this way will you be able to advance in your evolution.

PISCES: Today you want to be in contact with friends or loved ones. It is a day to celebrate your union and to share confidences. Enjoy and feel happy about it all.

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