Tarcisio Meira Died: Celebrities Mourn Tarcisio Meira’s Death

After the veteran actor Tarcisio Meira died this Thursday (12) at the age of 85, after complications caused by Covid-19, celebrities lamented and paid tribute to the heartthrob of soap operas. The actor received a positive diagnosis for the virus on August 6th.

Journalist Fátima Bernardes, 58, made the announcement during the Meeting. Throughout the program, tributes were paid to the actor. Ary Fontoura, 88, lamented the death in conversation with Bernardes and called the news an “unpleasant surprise”.

Athlete Isaquias Queiroz, 27, was present on the program and made an appeal for no crowding to happen when he returns to his hometown. “Brazil is not sure of Covid-19,” he said when the presenter commented on the actor.

Actress and presenter Maisa Silva, 19, posted a photo alongside the actor on her Twitter. “Rest in peace, Tarcisio Meira. And may God comfort the hearts of friends and family. Your legacy is eternal. Thank you!”, she wrote.

Actress Lilia Cabral, 64, also gave an interview to the Encontro. “When that happens it’s hard to believe,” he said. The artist was moved when thinking about the actress Glória Menezes, who is also hospitalized but has better recovery.

Cabral also spoke about actor Paulo José, who died this Wednesday (11) . “I changed my way of seeing the profession through his vision”. About the death of Tarcisio, she said that despite this, it is necessary that the population continue to be vaccinated and using a mask.

Television director Boninho, 59, lamented the artist’s departure. “It’s very sad to lose our greatest heartthrob in the history of Brazilian TV. I had the joy of living with him and Glória for many years. What a pity,” he wrote.

Writer Gloria Perez, 72, also published a photo of the actor and wrote in the caption: “My eternal Euclides da Cunha, João Courage that nobody forgets”. Actor Luis Lobianco, 39, also paid tribute to Meira. “What a week, what a moment… Losing giants has become a routine. My immense affection for Mrs. Gloria Menezes.”

Actor José de Abreu, 75, recalled the soap opera “Insensato Coração” (Globo, 2011), where he starred with the artist. “In ‘Insensato Coração’ we were very friends. It was our last work together… Rip Tarcisi!”, he wrote in the caption.

Otaviano Costa, 48 , also lamented the departure of Tarcisio and Paulo José. “Today the Brazilian culture is sad. In the unfortunate coincidence of fate, as it is the international arts day, we have lost two giants of our national dramaturgy.”

“We lost Paulo José yesterday and today the incredible and unique Tarcisio Meira. May God comfort the hearts of his family, friends, and fans and, in particular, a fraternal and affectionate hug is given to my friend Tarcisinho and his mother, D. Glória Menezes, that still struggles to recover from Covid, that our eternal heartthrob Tarcisio, could not win”, wrote the presenter.

Actress Glória Pires, 57, also published a photo of the actor and lamented his death. “Rest in peace, warrior!” he wrote in the caption of the publication. Tatá Werneck, 38 , also paid tribute to Tarcísio. “TV and Brazilian theater owe this great actor honor,” he wrote.

“An immense kiss to his beloved Gloria Menezes and dear Tarcísio Filho. I hope that many tributes are paid and that his beloved Gloria manages to recover quickly”, he completed in the publication.

The author of novels Lauro César Muniz, who wrote Roda de Fogo and Escalada, both with Tarcisio, lamented the actor’s death. “When I think about my professional life, my novels and movies, a very strong close-up dominate my memory: there is Tarcisio reflecting, with impressive truth, my outbursts and messages”.

“How can an actor assimilate with such perfection what I wanted to convey? Climbing was an explosion of reality because all the action revolved around Antônio Dias. How well he captured my intentions: ‘You are a perfect countryman, of life countryside! In which city were you born? Minas, North of São Paulo?’ He smiled… “I was born here, in the city of São Paulo!” Talent! Huge talent made him my provincial king. From then on I only saw Tarcisio when I wrote for a strong character!”

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