Son Of Chico Anysio Dies In São Paulo, Aged 39

Son of Chico Anysio (1931-2012) and the frenzied ex-Regina Chaves, Cícero Chaves de Oliveira Paula, 39, died today. He was a record producer and DJ. The wake will be today, at 3 pm, at São João Batista Cemetery, in Rio.

According to friends of Cicero, he would have arrived at 2 am today at home. He ordered food, for delivery, and went down to get it. He was talking to the doorman and, at 3 am, he had a sudden illness, passed out and died.

At the time of his father’s death, the great artist Chico Aysio, Cícero gave an interview to “Extra” talking about his father: “Many people think my father is a joker. Sometimes he would crack a joke and everyone would burst out laughing, but normally he was more serious.

The memory I have of him is of us painting together. It was something that united us, a more silent relationship. He liked phrases a lot and there’s one he told me that I take to my life to this day: “My son, it’s no use waiting for inspiration. If I had waited, I wouldn’t have made a joke. You have to insist, sweat it out, then it comes.”

Malga di Paula, widow of Chico Anysio, remains hospitalized at the Hospital das Clínicas in Passo Fundo, in Rio Grande do Sul, after being diagnosed with Covid-19. She has been in the health facility since the end of June. The medical report of Friday (2) informed that the patient’s clinical condition is considered “serious, but stable”.

Malga’s ex-husband, Felipe Batista revealed details of her health. “I spoke to her on Sunday, and she was breathless, complaining of headache and coughing. And she said it was getting worse. On Monday I learned of her and her mother’s hospitalization,” he told the Extra newspaper this week. Malga was married for 15 years to Chico Anysio. In 2013, a year and a half after the comedian’s death, she married Felipe, from whom she split last year.

The businessman also spoke with doctors last Wednesday (30), when he was informed that the ex’s kidneys stopped working. “I asked what the picture was, he replied that, despite the improvement in the lungs and pressure, it is still a serious condition, that the kidneys have completely stopped, but that specialists are already taking care of it,” he said.

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