Musician Carlinhos Perdigão Dies As A Result Of Covid-19

The information was confirmed by the musician’s wife, journalist Daniele Andrade, in a publication on social networks. The artist was intubated on the 21st of June

Drummer, poet, cultural producer, and art educator Carlinhos Perdigão passed away this Friday, 2nd, as a result of Covid-19. The information was confirmed by the musician’s wife, journalist Daniele Andrade, in a publication on social networks.

“It is with great sadness and heartache that I bring this news. My beloved Carlinhos has left. I thank all of you, students, friends, people who did not know him personally, but admired his work, for your prayers and support,” he wrote.

Carlinhos had to be hospitalized on June 11 due to low oxygen saturation. He remained under observation until he was intubated on the 21st. The family continued to update the drummer’s health status through posts on his Instagram profile.

In the last bulletin, published this Thursday, 1st, Daniele reported on the aggravation of the case. “In addition to pulmonary dysfunction, he has also shown associated cardiovascular and renal dysfunction. I continue in prayer asking for strength and that God’s will be done,” he said.

In 2020, the musician participated in the project “Os Cearenses”, by the Democrito Rocha Foundation (FDR), by accompanying the singer Marcelo Justa in the recording of the song “Enquanto Engoma a Calça”, by Ednardo. He was also preparing the 2nd edition of the book “A Arte em Estado Crônico”, in partnership with four other authors.

During the period of release of his first CD “Palavra”, the musician performed shows in the programming of Festival Vida&Arte in 2018. The DVD version of the project was released in June this year. Carlinhos Perdigão has performed in several cultural projects in Ceará and has also performed in several cities in Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro and Brasília.

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