Richard Kettleborough Death Rumor: Why Was He Involved In The Scandal?

Richard Kettleborough is a famous English International Cricket Umpire. He was also a former first-class cricketer who appeared in 33 matches for Middlesex and Yorkshire. Richard Kettleborough became a member of the first-class ECB’s list of umpires in 2006. Richard was first selected to stand as an umpire in August 2009 in his first T20 between Australia and England.

Richards’s excellence in his work made him achieve many awards in his career, including the David Shepherd trophy for his performances as the ICC umpire of the year in 2013.

Recently, the news of Richard Kettleborough’s death has been circulating on the internet, making his fans and the cricket community deeply concerned about the validity of the news.

Richard Kettleborough: Is he alive or dead?

Richard Kettleborough’s death is the most viral topic, making rounds on many social media platforms. The rumour has spread that Richard has died, and the people are raising concerns regarding the authenticity of the news.

At the time of this publication, no official media channel or verified sources shared their words on the death of Richard. According to the reports, Richard’s representative has also not shared any related information about his death. Richard himself has not spoken regarding the news of his death, and the silence shows that Richard is alive and safe.

According to recent sources, Richard Kettleborough is alive and doing well. However, the news is still viral, which makes many people curious about the credibility of the death news. The silence from Richard on the matter indicates that he is alive, and the fake news has spread without any authenticity of the case.

Richard Kettleborough scandal and controversy

Richard Kettleborough has also been in the media prominence due to the scandal and controversial matter in the stadium. Richard Kettleborough was the umpire in Australia and India’s ICC World Test Championship Final in 2023. Richard has caught people’s attention during the final and has since been involved in the controversy.

Richard approved the Australian fielder’s catch in the final, resulting in Subham Gill’s out. The catch and the approval of the dismissal of Subham Gill raised many questions among cricket fans. People claimed that the ball had touched the ground and then been caught by the Australian fielder Cameron Green. The controversy of whether the ball touched the ground before the Australian fielder caught it was followed by multiple opinions by cricket fans.

People claimed that it was the wrong decision by Richard, and Subham Gill was not out in the final match. Many online users and official platforms contended that it was cheating by Richard and claimed that Richard was the cheater who cheated in his decision. Richard got significant criticism from cricket fans and media outlets as people considered that he made the wrong decision.

According to some verified sources, Richard has claimed that he did not cheat in his decision and there was no wrongdoing in the decision; however, despite his words on the matter, he still got involved in the controversy as many people claimed that he took the wrong decision.

The highlights of the Cameron Green Catch scene are still available on social media platforms; however, the news of this scandal and controversy has yet to be given by verified media channels. The controversy sparked online due to online users asking many questions regarding the matter, which will soon unfold further details, and the news of Richard’s death should be seen with uncertainty unless the authentic sources approve it. As of now, it has been reported that he is alive and safe.

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