Mackinac Bridge Suicide Attempt, Reflects on Mental Health Awareness

An unfortunate incident took place at Mackinac Bridge: a suicide attempt on this bridge. There is still a lack of confirmation on a few things, like whether the victim was a guy or a girl when this incident happened and a lot more. An individual took a step to attempt suicide at Mackinac Bridge and jumped from a northbound side. A potential tragedy was averted as authorities successfully intervened when an individual tried to jump from the bridge.

Emerging details of the incident.

According to the details, a few are emerging that say that the person is still alive, but there are no details of whether that person is doing well. All thanks and all credit goes to the authorities who were successful at taking that man down before the person could die. That person was rescued with time. This incident happened somewhere around 12:47 pm that afternoon. That person exited the car and tried to jump. When the Law enforcement authorities took him down, they transported that person to the St. Ignace Fire Department.

How did that person was rescued?

At the time of the incident, when he had decided to attempt suicide and took his own life, there were people in the authorities who were known as Trained Negotiators. They were called to the scene to help that individual out. By the time he was sitting on that dangerous edge, all prepared to take his life, the trained negotiators had talked to that person for almost more than an hour, telling him and convincing him how important life is and also convincing him that he could get help for whatever he is going through. So, at last, he was very much convinced and took his decision back and was taken down. It was about 2 pm when he finally came back and saved his life. The medical staff was also there to care for him.

Details of the Individual?

For now, the identity of the victim is kept private. There is no information to share about his personal life and his life achievements. No, whatever the person is, the essential thing that matters is the person is still alive. The first thing is that we must respect the privacy of that person.

Awareness of Mental health

This incident marks that there are still people who are going through mental health struggles and keep this a private matter; they don’t share it with anyone, which makes it even more challenging to survive with that problem. In everyone’s life, there are problems, and things constantly bother us, but going towards such a step is very disturbing.

In the meantime, people around you who are going through any such situation should be contacted and offered help. Lifeline resources are available almost all the time.

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