Randy Barkwill: Beloved Fleet Technician Died, Reason Behind His Demise?

Randy Barkwill, a fantastic Fleet Technician at Kearl Lake Oil Sands, passed away unexpectedly. For now, the date, location, and time of his death are not disclosed by his family or through any other official means.

His death news was confirmed and announced by one of his very close friends. Who reported the information through a social media post.
In which he said that

“Randy Bark, I have known you since I was 16. I attended high school with you and enjoyed working with you, Ed Learn Ford Lincoln. I am so sorry that you will no longer be with us today. It saddens me to say this, but Rest in peace, bro.”

What happened to the Technician

According to the available reports for now, the exact cause of Randy Barkwill’s death has not been disclosed by his family, as the community is also awaiting answers to his death.

However, the details about Randy Barkwill’s funeral arrangements and memorial service are unavailable. The family is coping with the loss, and they might announce the funeral details, which typically include the date, time, and location, in the coming days.

Who was Randy Barkwill?

Randy Barkwill was a handsome young guy. He graduated from Westlane Secondary School in 2000, and in 2006, he passed out of Niagara College.
He was a gentleman and also a dedicated professional at work. He was a reputable Fleet Technician at Mike Knapp Ford Sales and Kearl Lake Oil Sands. His nature was friendly and entertaining.

His friends and colleagues described him as a fantastic gentleman; he was a person who was Always available and ready to help anyone who was in need. At his workplace, he shared an incredible bond with his co-workers, and even he used to help them as well.

He was a source of inspiration for many who knew him. And those who met him in person are considering themselves lucky enough. Since his death news is gone through the internet, his friends and colleagues are sharing their memories with him and paying their tributes.

One of his friends shared

“Randy, you will always have a place in my heart. In addition to some mischief, you gave me some of our adolescent years’ greatest adventures, good times, and memories.”

For now, this is a challenging time for the family and the community as they have lost a very lively and a professional. Everyone’s united to mourn the loss. However, the Family of

Randy Barkwill will release an obituary soon.

Take some time and reach out to Randy Barkwill’s family during this challenging time to pay your early condolences to his family, as this will ease the stress. Pay your tributes and cherish his memories with the family. Also, remember him and his devastated family in your prayers.

May his soul rest in peace

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