Queenzy Cheng Death, Renowned Malaysian Singer and Actress Unexpectedly Died While Filming

Queenzy Cheng was a famous Malaysian singer and actress. Her music journey commenced when she was only five and performed solos at relatives’ weddings.

Her remarkable talent for music made her famous for releasing Chinese New Year albums for the last two decades. She released many successful albums and later formed M-Girls album, marking her most significant achievement with multiple awards and acknowledgements.

Recently, the singer-actress death has been circulating on the internet as she died unexpectedly while filming a video production at age 37 on 28 November 2023. The news of her death has also been announced on her Instagram page with many heartfelt outpourings from various celebrities.

What happened to Queenzy Cheng?

It has been reported that Queenzy Cheng collapsed on the set while filming for her social media channel ‘Squad Sekawan’.

According to the information given to China Press by Chai Zi, a fellow actor who co-founded squad Sekawan with Queenzy and other friends, he picked Queenzy for the shoot in the morning of that day, and they reached the set at around 8:00 am.

They had breakfast and began to shoot their channel’s first episode at around 8:30 am. He said it was 10:30, the time for the second shoot, and Queenzy was getting ready, but suddenly, she sat down in the chair and complained about dizziness. She said that she was having her head hurt and wanted to vomit.

It has been reported that Queenzy vomited either saliva or stomach acid, and her unwell condition resulted in an emergency response to call an ambulance. According to Chai Zi, she was conscious and active at that time. Queenzy had given her phone password to them to call her boyfriend for her medical records.

Queenzy boyfriend told them that she has always been healthy and had no health issues; however, her father has an ear fluid imbalance issue.

Staff on the set, who could provide first aid, provided assistance to her. Queenzy became unconscious, but she was still breathing. Unfortunately, her heartbeat was so fast, and soon after, her lips, hands, and feet immediately turned purple.

Ambulance had arrived in just 5 minutes since the emergency call was dialled, but it was late for Queenzy as she couldn’t be revived and was announced dead on the set. Chai Zi revealed that from the time Queenzy complained about the dizziness to her death, it was almost a duration of 30 to 40 minutes.

The exact cause of Queenzy death will be informed after the autopsy report results.

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