Pablo Milanes, Cuban Singer Dead At 79, Cause Of Death

Pablo Milanes Dead

Pablo Milanés, renowned Cuban singer-songwriter, has died, as confirmed by various media. The artist was 79 years old and was hospitalized in Spain due to a gallbladder problem and a urinary infection. The musician had been suffering from various infections since August, a side effect of an oncohematological disease that he had suffered for several years, … Read more

Farel Prayoga Death A Hoax Or Truth? – What Happened?

Farel Prayoga dead

The teen Banyuwangi singer’s passing has been reported online since October 27, 2022, according to Facebook. The performer of the song “Ojo Dibandingke,” Farel Prayoga, was said to have passed away and been buried in a social media post. As there has been no formal announcement made by the family or any other reliable source … Read more

What Is Sham Idrees’ Net Worth And Salary In 2022?

Sham Idrees Net Worth

In this article, we’ll talk about the most well-known Canadian-Pakistani YouTuber, Sham Idress. We will know more about his bio, family, career, kids and Sham Idrees’ Net Worth. Sham Idrees, real name Ehtesham Idrees, is a Pakistani-born singer-songwriter, YouTube personality, actor, record producer, and businessman. Sham is a well-established online personality with a strong fan … Read more

What Is Anna-Maria Sieklucka’s Net Worth And Salary In 2022?

Anna-Maria Sieklucka Net Worth

Today, in this article, we will answer your inquiries about Anna-Maria Sieklucka, such as: how old is she? In 2022, where is she now? What is her height? Is she divorced, married, or single? If so, how rich is she? What will be Forbes’ estimate of Anna Maria Sieklucka’s net worth in 2022? And more … Read more

Singer Manuel Castell Dies Trying To Rescue A Drowning Woman.

Manuel Castell Died

José Manuel Castillo Velázquez, a Sonoran singer known as Manuel Castell, lost his life trying to save a drowning woman. July has been dyed red after the deaths of Fernando del Solar, Susana Dosamantes, and Marta Aura, unfortunately, it has claimed one more victim from the entertainment world, it is the young Sonoran singer José … Read more

Singer Charlie Amarante Died Yesterday Sunday In Moca

Charlie Amarante Died

Charlie Amarante, who was the vocalist of the Luis Ovalles Orchestra, passed away last Sunday night in Moca. The sad news was confirmed to Listín Diario Luis Ovalles: “He died last night (Sunday) according to what his sister, who lives in Moca, tells me.” Charlie, who was nicknamed “Chelo”, was part of the Maestro Luís … Read more