Marc Solis Death, Cause of Death Sparks Confusion on Internet

Marc Solis, a renowned personality in the Philippines entertainment, has recently become the most searched topic on social media. The searches have been getting trendy due to the rumor spreading on social media about the news of his death.

Marc earned fame from his role in the ‘Ang TV series, where he played the character Rigor Soriano, which captivated the audience with his exceptional acting talent.

Marc Solis Death

Marc Solis’s death has been speculated by his fans seeking answers to the question of his cause of death. Fans have been linked and speculated his death to the onscreen death in the TV series ‘Ang Probinsyano,’ where he performed the role of Rigor Soriano. In the series, he had a death scene in which he died on screen, leaving people in shock.

The TV series “Ang Probinsyano” is an action drama that has been airing since September 28, 2015, under the production of ABS-CBS Entertainment based on the 1996 film of the same drama title staring Fernando Poe Jr and resonates with the character of police Ricardo Dalisay, dedication to prevailing peace in the society.

Marc Solis performed the role of a Filipino policeman. His character of Rigor Soriano was a long-time friend of other onscreen characters, Glen and Jerome. In the scene, Rigor Soriano, before realizing that he is Jerome, shoots the enemy, and to take revenge, Rigor is accidentally killed by Patrick, who thought he was also an enemy. In the scene, Rigor says his last line, ‘huwag huwag huwag,’ which translates as ‘ don’t don’t don’t, as he was trying to tell him that he was Rigor and not an enemy.

The truth about his death

The onscreen death of Marc Solis has been linked to Marc Solis’s reel-life death as fans are connecting the news of the actor’s death with his real-life death. The onscreen end had a profound impact on the audience, due to which when the death rumor began to spread, the fans linked it to his real-life death initially. Unfortunately, the rumor of Marc Solis’s death is true, and the Philippines entertainment industry has lost its biggest asset.

Marc Solis Accident

It has not been confirmed the exact cause of his death. It has been reported that it may be either the accident or illness that led to his sudden death. However, the news surprised his fans as he was active in the entertainment industry. There is no credible information available regarding the exact cause of his death; till then, it is requested to keep him in our prayers.

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