Jon Hill Cause Of Death: Car Accident – What Happened?

The ex-husband of the famous US Jewish tuber died at the age of 33.

Jon Hill, the ex-husband of popular American Jewish tuber and cosmetic guru Jaclyn Hill, died at the age of 33.

Jewish tuber Jaclyn Hill (32) revealed on Thursday that her ex-husband, drummer Jon Hill, passed away on August 10, Page Six reports. The man was only 33 years old.

“Jon’s family asked me to write the next post,” Jaclyn revealed in her Instagram stories. “It is with great regret and sadness that we announce that our beloved Andre Jonathan Hill passed away on August 10, 2022.”

“We are overwhelmed with worry after this unexpected tragedy. Joni’s family asks for privacy during this difficult time,” added the YouTuber.
Jaclyn and Joe Hill got married in 2009. A few years later, in 2011, Jaclyn created her own YouTube channel, which often featured her husband. However, one of the most popular of Jaclyn can be considered the video filmed in 2017, in which Kim Kardashian was a guest.

In 2018, however, Jaclyn’s marriage broke up. They revealed that they are no longer husband and wife but will remain good friends forever.

A year later, Jon revealed that one of the reasons for the breakdown of their marriage was his drug addiction. “It all came to the point that in the third year of our marriage I had seizures because I had ingested things from everyone. I got a rash. So it was noticeable that something was wrong,” admitted Jon a few years ago.

Although she eventually got sober, Jaclyn decided to leave him. “It was a big shock to me. We had been married for nine years. I also thought how wonderful it would be to celebrate Christmas sober with him.» Jon admitted that he spent little time with his wife because he had to hide his addiction from Jaclyn.

Two months after the split, Jon turned to drugs again but confirmed in October 2019 that he was sober again.

Last month, Jaclyn revealed in an Instagram video that her ex-husband has not been doing well lately. “He has not been doing well for a long time. He hasn’t had a phone for several months and no one has been able to contact him.”

Jon’s exact cause of death has not been released. Before he passed away, Jon Hill had been struggling with drug addiction.

However, there are rumours that his years of drug misuse were the cause of his death. He has previously been open about his battles with drug addiction.

The divorce drama

Acting as a YouTuber, Jaclyn has launched several cosmetic products in collaboration with the brand Morphe over the years. In 2019, Jaclyn founded her own company and launched lipsticks, reports

However, the YouTuber was immediately embroiled in drama as several customers who bought Jaclyn’s lipstick complained that the product they were sent was rubbish. Customers found hairs, pieces of plastic, and even metal particles inside the lipstick.

Two weeks after the lipsticks went on sale, Jaclyn posted an apology on YouTube, but the reaction from viewers was negative.

Although Jaclyn’s products were immediately criticized in the initial year, the YouTuber has overcome it to date. Just recently, Jaclyn’s cosmetics company came out with a new collection inspired by strawberries.

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