Jeff Jansen Cause Of Death: Funeral, Net Worth, Wiki

Jeff Jansen, the senior leader of The Global Fire Church and co-founder of Global Fire Ministries International, Evangelical pastor Jansen, 59, died on August 10, according to a recent statement issued by Global Fire Ministries (GFM).

He co-founded the GFM foundation, which issued a statement regarding his passing. The declaration said:

“We are very sorry that Jeff Jansen passed away suddenly. Jeff will always be remembered by all who have known him over the years.

Both announcements stated that more information on the planned memorial ceremony would be released after it was decided, even though no cause of death had been disclosed.

Jeff appears to be in his 50s or 60s despite not sharing any information about his birth year. His surviving family members include his ex-wife Jan Jansen and his children Hannah, James, John, Philip, Mercy, Truth, and Given.

The reputation of Jeff Jansen as a Prophet, Revivalist, and Crusade Evangelist was well-known on a global scale. He had also established himself in the public eye by speaking at conferences for more than two decades.

He has published a number of books throughout the years, including “Trump: The Destiny of God’s America,” “Exploring The Unseen World,” “The Believers’ Guide To Miracles, Healing, Impartation & Activation,” “Glory Rising,” “Glory Rising Manual,” and others.

Along with starting Jeff Jansen International, Jansen also established the JJI Partnership and Mentoring Academy, JJI Covenant Network, and Jeff Jansen TV.

Jansen’s social media presence may also be seen on Instagram and Twitter. He has a large following on both Twitter and Instagram, with more than 5,853 followers on the latter.

Jansen has an estimated $700,000 worth of assets in total, per the information provided by the sources.

Unfortunately, no family member or a close friend has spoken anything regarding Jansen’s funeral details on the media.

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