International Men’s Day 2020: Why is it celebrated today

This November 19, Man’s Day is commemorated, an event that most are unaware of. The date was established in 1992 by Professor Thomas Oeaster at the University of Missouri-Kansas, but it was until 1999 that it began to take on international relevance.

What is the main objective of celebrating this day?

In 2009, the International Men’s Day Coordination Committee set the objectives of the celebration, which are:

– Promote positive and normalized masculinity, away from the stereotypes created from popular culture.

– Celebrate the contribution of man to society, the family, and the environment.

– Highlight the importance of both physical and mental health for men.

– Make discrimination visible in terms of attitudes and expectations of society.

– Promote gender equality.

– Develop a world where men can be safe and reach their full potential.

To commemorate this occasion with people you love, we share some phrases to dedicate, either personally or through social networks.

Phrases and love cards to send for men’s day

:: “You are self-improvement. I thank you today for inspiring me to grow and improve Happy men’s day, I want to love you forever ! ”.

:: “It is a mystery that so many virtues and qualities live in you, an enigma that I just want to enjoy today, tomorrow, and always. Happy men’s day, my boyfriend ! ”.

:: “You are a true man and you show me in every step you take. Just asking me to be your girlfriend made it very clear to me that your love is true. Happy day, my beloved gentleman! ”.

:: ” Happy day man ! I am handsome, gallant, educated, a good lover and I could go on talking about you for hours, but I want us to live our love together now ”.

:: “ Happy men’s day, the boyfriend of my life ! With you, my reason and my heart agree on a single desire: to be with you for years without end ”.

Amelia Warner– After graduating from NYU with a master's degree in history, She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Amelia Warner mostly covers Entertainment topics, but at times loves to write about movie reviews as well.

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