How Did Wendy Rieger Die? Cause Of Death Explored

For decades, Wendy lit up the screens of Washington area residents with her intelligence and charisma.

Wendy Rieger, who for more than 30 years as a reporter and anchor for our sister station NBC Washington, died this Saturday morning after a battle with brain cancer. She was 65 years old.

For decades, Wendy lit up the screens of Washington area residents with her intelligence and charisma, becoming a local television icon. She was a funny, insightful, compassionate, and genuine presenter.

Over the years, he’s covered everything from hurricanes on the East Coast to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, to a royal wedding in England, to stories from New Zealand to Vietnam. Wendy was generous with hearing her-her stories about her and about herself. She shared parts of her life such as her houses, her cats, her boat, her passion for wine, and her love for the Washington area, from the waters of Maryland to the mountains of Virginia. . And, of course, the culture of the American capital.

After passing through American University, Wendy began her career in radio. Her elated voice emanated from the airwaves of WTOP and WAMU. Once she arrived at NBC Washington, it was clear that her place was in front of the cameras.

For 20 years, she anchored NBC Washington’s 5 pm newscast. At first, she partnered with Susan Kidd, and later, she spent 14 years hosting alongside Jim Handly.

Wendy, according to her producers, could handle it all: from improvising and explaining complicated foreign policy stories to breaking news. Plus, she had a talented pen.

About a year ago, Wendy was diagnosed with a highly aggressive brain tumor months after undergoing open-heart surgery. In December, she left her position as presenter after 33 years and said goodbye to her audience with joy and excitement for the new adventures that awaited her in her retirement.

Her cancer returned a few weeks ago. She fought with a lot of courage. In a note to the NBC Washington newsroom, she wrote the following: “As you know, I have lived my life big and loud. Is my nature. I’ve had so much fun. But calm has come over me. It is powerful and deep. I didn’t know it could be so quiet. Life is not always a test. It is teaching. I must learn this lesson gracefully. I will do it”.

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