Arthur Gunn Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Career, Bio

Arthur Gunn is just the stage name of the famous song-writer and musician “Dibesh Pokharel”, who was born on 24th October 1997 in Khatmandu, Nepal.

The word Dibesh in his name means light. In his childhood, he resided in Nepal with his parents, Datram and Maiya, along with four sisters, Rubi, Rupa, and Supriya. None of his family members were into music, whereas, Dibesh always had a keen interest in instruments and music. From a very young age, he had the talent to blend different songs.

Arthur Gunn Net worth

Full name:Dibesh Pokharel
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Born:October 24, 1997
Salary:Not Know
Last Updated:2022

Arthur Gunn Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022$1.5 million
Net Worth in 2021$1.3 million
Net Worth in 2020$1 million

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He used to play songs with the help of a guitar gifted by his mother. Arthur once said in one of his interviews that “I received my first guitar from my mother, and then I started singing along to any song I could hear on the radio, TVs, you know. That’s when I started to take my dream (To perform) seriously. In 2008, when Dibesh was eleven years old, his family decided to move to Wichita, Kansas, US. He stayed in Nepal to continue his schooling and also learned English.

Meanwhile, he performed in pubs, friends gathering, and coffee shops. He ended up recording a few of his songs. By the year 2012/2013, he was very clear that he wanted to pursue his passion in the field of music. After graduating from high school, he shifted to Wichita in 2014.

Dibesh joined his parents where two different music genres, bluegrass and country music, were introduced to him. His urge to learn and practice music kept on increasing day by day. He accompanied himself with musicians of the town and performed in coffee shops. However, his passion did not stop him from busking on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many other places.

Dibesh’s musician friends pushed him to audition for American Idol as they all knew that he was very talented and could be very beneficial to the music industry. Dibesh also thought that American Idol could open many opportunities for him and help him accomplish his dreams of becoming a professional musician.


Staged nameArthur Gunn
Real NameDibesh Pokharel
Mother NameMaiya
Father NameDatram
Place of birthKathmandu
Age24 years
Height177 cm
Weight65 kgs
Shoe size10
Eye colorbrown
Hair ColorDark brown
Marital statusunmarried
Net Worth$1.5 million

Why did Arthur Gunn leave American Idol?

In 2019, Dibesh submitted an online audition for American Idol. Later he was called for an audition for the third season of the rebooted edition. Overall it was the 18th season of the show. Dibesh was seen being auditioned in a clip from the show, which was featured in December 2019. A judge named Luke Bryan praised him as he stated that Dibesh has the potential to become the biggest star of American Idol.

Dibesh made it to the finals of American Idol, but just 5 minutes before his performance, he denied coming out of his trailer. He left the audience, producers, and judges in shock. At the last moment, the finalist of season 19 Graham DFranco was swapped in the place of Dibesh by the producers. The question about why he left American Idol after coming so far remained unanswered for a long period. Dibesh broke down his silence through an Instagram post where he comprehensively explained the reason for dropping out of the show.

Dibesh stated that it is not essential to mention every detail, but the unpleasant environmental experience caused him to abandon American Idol. He further elaborated by saying that he does not hold any grudges against anyone and nobody is to be blamed for his decision. He confessed that he feels upset as much as his fans and apologized for letting them down. In the end, he thanked American Idol for giving him the platform to perform and show his talent to millions of people.

Did Arthur Gunn get a contract?

Dibesh confronted in an interview that people might have been wondering that after leaving American Idol, he has received a large amount of cash and record deals as he holds the ‘runner up’ title; well, that’s not the case. After dropping out the season 18 of American Idol, he has not received a single recording deal. However, after completing the America Idol for the second time, opportunities have started to knock on the door in Dibesh’s life. There has been a rise of 316,000 his Instagram followers since his first appearance on Americal Idol. He said that he would proceed to write, co-produce, and record his eponymous albums himself.

What is Arthur Gunn doing now?

Currently, Dibesh is just focusing on putting up a good show for Wichita. In an interview, Dibesh said that he had to deal with a lot; now, when he has moved on and things have calmed down, he is just performing with his musician friends locally. He intends to continue his music career and plans to record more music, too, which will be an addition to the songs he has already released and recorded.

Where is Arthur Gunn from?

Dibesh, widely popular by the name Arthur Gunn was born in 1977 in Kathmandu, Nepal. A landlocked country in South Asia best known for its outdoor sports destination. He holds a Nepali nationality. He was born to parents Datram and Maiya. His childhood was spent with his siblings named Ruby, Priya, and Supriya. Dibesh school and the high school name are unknown, and the highest degree he holds is in Graduation. He later came to Wichita in 2014 to follow his sisters, who were in college in the United States of America.

Arthur Gunn Net Worth 

According to our research, Forbes, and Wikipedia, Arthur’s name can be found on the most popular and wealthiest song-writer. Arthur Gunn Net worth is assumed to be around $1.5 Million USD. His exact monthly and annual salary is under review. His source of income is songwriting and singing.

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