How Did June Knightly Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Knightly was shot dead as a result of the mass shooting at racial justice rally. She was a kind person, who always stood for right and peace.

Knightly was shot on Saturday at Normandale Park in Northeast Portland. Moreover, Kathleen Saadat said she was a woman of justice and fairness.

June Knightly had decades-lengthy records of activism in Portland, first withinside the LGBTQ motion and extra lately as a fixture of the city’s racial-justice protest culture.

Her pals remembered her Monday as a kind and beneficent girl complied with a mild nature. She had a knack for placing compromise and being attentive to others even if she disagreed with them.

Police stated 5 human lives had been targeted and injured during the rally for racial justice at Normandale Park in Northeast Portland.

We have also heard that Knightly, 60, was shot dead during the rally, though police have not released a statement nor confirmed her identity.

An injured woman who was in the rally stated the whole incident by saying, a man who lived near the park started firing at a group that was rerouting traffic ahead of a deliberate march.

Take a moment to mourn the loss of June,” Nacie Runyan Knightly’s best friend. “Keep her in the light of your heart and keep fighting the good fight.”

Runyan stated it is what Knightly could need human beings to do. They reconnected in 2020 after the homicide of George Floyd. They attended numerous marches and demonstrations together. Runyan stated Knightly—whose nickname became T-Rex— was often provided security during the protests.

“She was just this bright light of a motherly figure as well and that’s why everybody warmed up to her almost immediately, because of what she did for everybody else.” – Runyan.

Nightly left a wife, a grownup on and a community that Carroll stated was precious to her.

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