How Did Eric Boehlert Die? Death Cause, Obituary, Wife, & Funeral

Eric Boehlert is no more!

On 6th April 2022, news broke that Eric Boehlert passed away. People are curious to know that what happened to him.

Eric Boehlert was a media critic and author who was the founding father of an online website called Press Run. According to the reports, he met in a bicycle accident and died instantly. He passed away at the age of 57.

Eric’s wife, Tracy Breslin, shared this news with a reporter, and he stated, “Just got crushing news from Tracy Breslin, wife of @EricBoehlort Has died in a bike accident, age 57. Adored his kids Jane and Ben, his dogs, biking and running and basketball and good friends, a fierce and fearless defender of the truth. Eric was an amazing friend. He fought to rescue journalism and democracy, which need saving. Worked at Rolling Stone, Billboard, founded Media Matters and Salon, Pressrun on Substack. Brutal to bad media on the Twitter, sweetest guy in real life. We’ve lost an awesome human being, a handsome/cool/witty dude who kicked ass on our behalf. Crazy devotion to facts, context, and good reporting. Enemy of BS, fake news. “We can’t mend this American mess if we don’t fix the press.” Deep condolences to his family.”

Eric was born on 6th December 1965. However, he was renowned for his quality writing work. He was a senior researcher at Media Matters for America for almost ten years. He was also appointed as a start writer at Salon for five years.

Moreover, Eric also worked in the music industry as an editor for Rolling Stone Magazine. He once received the 2002 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publisher Award for Taylor Music Journalism for his broadcast industry. Along with that, his series was also nominated for the Gerald De Loeb Award for Outstanding Business and financial journalism.

He wrote a book, Blogs on the Bus, which focuses on the expanding role of blogging in American Politics. A lot of his fellow writers are paying tribute to him on the Internet.

His family has not released details regarding his obituary. We are trying to reveal the information related to it and will update our readers soon.

He was survived by his wife, Tracy Breslin, and two children, Jane and Ben.

We share our deep condolences with Eric’s family, friends, and loved ones!

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