How Did Wonwoo’s Mom Die? Death Cause, Obituary, & Funeral

The agency that represents the group, Pledis Entertainment, confirmed the news.

This April 6, 2022, in South Korea, the unfortunate news about the sensitive death of Wonwoo’s mother, a member of the K-Pop band: SEVENTEEN, was confirmed. The information was shared and confirmed by the very agency that represents the performers of “Rock With You”, Pledis Entertainment.

On April 6, Pledis Entertainment released an official statement confirming the news that Wonwoo’s mother passed away. According to information, Wonwoo’s mother had experienced health problems before finally passing away.

“SEVENTEEN member Wonwoo’s mother passed away this morning due to illness,” the statement read. “Wonwoo is in the funeral hall, & the funeral will be held with family and friends. We ask for his kind and consideration so that Wonwoo can mourn with his family,” they added.

Wonwoo has a younger brother, Jeon Bohyuk, who is also going through this tough time. Away from public life, his mother earned a good reputation for having “adopted” Joshua, another member of the group.

This is originally from the United States of America and when he had to move to South Korea, he began to suffer from homesickness, so Wonwoo’s mother took care of him and made him feel at home, he even connected with Joshua’s mother because she was taking care of her son.

Rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to Wonwoo and his family.

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