How Did Bunny Simpson Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Fitzroy ‘Bunny Diamond’ Simpson dies after the gunshot.

Mighty Diamonds member Fitzroy ‘Bunny Diamond’ Simpson died as a result of a gunshot wound.

Fitzroy ‘Bunny Diamond’ Simpson, a member of the Jamaican reggae band Mighty Diamonds, was shot dead. The lead singer of the band, Donald ‘Tabby Diamond’ Shaw, was also killed in an armed attack 4 days ago.

JAVAA President Frankie Campbell announced the news of his death. “I can’t handle this, it’s so hard. We lost the second Mighty Diamonds member too. He died in the hospital,” Campbell wrote.


Before the attack, it was learned that the group was planning a world tour covering Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa.

The group, which has 47 albums, was continuing the preparations for 2 albums.

The Rastafarian-influenced group The Mighty Diamonds was formed in 1969. The group continued to exist until 2012.

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