How Did Larry Gebert Die? Death Cause, Obituary, & Funeral

Larry Gebert, the Idaho meteorologist, dies at 65.

“There will ‘never be another like him”

Long-time KTVB meteorologist Larry will be remembered for his cheering smiley face, devotion to work, and clear thinking.

‘It’s hard to define loss, it feels so personal. It’s so impossible to define grief in words. At this difficult time, it is so hard to express what we all are feeling at KTVB – BOISE, Idaho.

Larry Gebert passed away on a blessed Friday evening, 1, April 2022. Moreover, luckily he was surrounded by his family at the time of his death.

Sources have revealed that he passed away due to a heart attack.

Apart from his cause of death, many people are searching for his funeral update, well as soon as something reaches our database we will surely inform you.

After having a 45 years long career with the KTVB, it’s hard for his team members to accept the sudden demise of their co-worker Larry Gebert.

They tried putting their grief in words by saying, “There will be no other man like him, he was one unique and precious.”

Further, they added, “Gebert will always be remembered for the kindness, support, love, and friendship he offered.”

Apart from his KTVB Family, Gebert was the apple of the eye of his family, he also adored his family a lot. Moreover, just like any other mature man he also kept his family his priority. He would go seven seas for anyone from his family, who needed anything, even if it included a bite of the famous prime rib.

In 1992, Gebert decided to join Idaho’s NewsChannel. However, on the other side, he was finishing his degree at Carroll College.

Gebert was accompanied in this world by his wife Julie and three sons and two daughters-in-law.

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