Fitness Model Raechelle Chase’s Sudden Death: Cause of ‘Fitness Life Magazine’ Director

The bodybuilding and fitness community is mourning the loss of internet sensation Raechelle Chase, who died in early October, leaving the internet world shocked and concerned about her sudden death.

Cause of death

The fitness model died early this month, and the cause of death was unknown. No information regarding the circumstances of her death is being disclosed. However, one of his friends mentioned that it was a sudden and unexpected death. The coroners are working tirelessly to identify the cause and circumstances of her sudden demise as sudden passing left people questioning her death cause.

Who was Raechelle Chase?

Raechelle Chase was a social media sensation known as a fitness influencer and former bodybuilder from New Zealand. She was born in 1975 in New Zealand. She studied early Childhood Education, Computer technology and Personal Training. However, she did not pursue any of these professions.

She had also worked in event management for organizing fashion shows and corporate functions for a few years as she had a fashion modelling background and did her first show when she was only 5. In her early life, she, while being brought up in Whangarei, New Zealand, wanted to become a kindergarten teacher. But her fate took a turn, and she became obsessed with the gym and became a competitive gymnast and a fashion model.

Her active lifestyle made her participate in surfing and netball. At the age of 16, she started to sell memberships in the gym. This was the time when she started getting obsessed with weightlifting. After several months of training and competing in weightlifting, she acquired a lean and maintained physique that inspired many women, and through her body physique, she went viral on social media.

Raechelle Chase Career

Throughout her career, she achieved every milestone in her field and built a remarkable career in the fitness world by entering the IFBB pro circuit. She was a fitness director for ‘Fitness Life magazine’ and was an International fitness cover model and TV presenter.
Her dedication and prowess in her field made her the first Kiwi woman to qualify for the Figure Olympia bodybuilding event in 2011 in Las Vegas, and she competed at a series of international meets. Due to her defined physique, she got sponsorships offered that led her to become a sponsored athlete for Sketchers footwear, Nutrigenix supplement company in the US, Xtreme Nutrition (NZ), Lonsdale Clothing (Australia), and Body Ripped Sports Nutrition (Australia).

Due to her constant achievements, she became an internet sensation with 1.5 million followers on Facebook, where she demonstrated her fitness journey and offered one-to-one sessions and classes for her fans who want to get in shape.

Net worth

The exact net worth has yet to be confirmed, but it has been said that the net worth of Raechelle Chase would be around $ 300,000.

Personal life

She was a mother of 5 children. She had beautifully balanced her life being a mother and a fitness influencer. After 3 children, she took a break from his journey for a few years, and soon after she returned, she earned back-to-back success even after giving birth.

She was married to Chris Chase for 14 years till February 2015. 2016, after her separation, she talked publicly about her abusive and toxic relationship. After being arrested in 2012 for distributing a designer drug similar to ecstasy around New Zealand, her husband was put behind bars for 10 years.

Her daughter’s heartfelt message

The sudden demise of this prominent name in the fitness industry sparks heartfelt condolences from all over the Internet as she was the most profound person in the community and loved by every other person due to her kind nature and spirit of helping others achieve success.

Her daughter Anna Chase shared that her mother has sacrificed so much for her children to give them a contented and comfortable life and always managed to achieve her goals. She admired her mother’s kind-hearted and supportive nature and her excellence in her field that inspired millions of people.

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