Veruca Salt, Heart-wrenching Loss: Influencer Announces Death of Her Newborn Baby

Veruca Salt Dead

In recent events, a heartbreaking tragedy struck Veruca Salt’s life. A very well-known Star Gold Coast Influencer’s newborn baby boy has passed away unexpectedly. Gold Coast influencer and TikTok star Veruca Salt, whose real name is Kimberley Summer Hartley, is facing a heart-wrenching loss being a mother, and her newborn son, who was just one-month-old, … Read more

Who is Ally Lotti’s New Boyfriend, Know about Carter Jamison

Ally Lotti New Boyfriend

Ally Lotti is a famous social media personality who has won the hearts of many people with her exceptional content and beauty. The social media influencer gained widespread prominence due to her romantic relationship with the late Rapper Juice WRLD, who died in 2019. Speculations arose in 2021 about the relationship status of Ally Lotti … Read more

Suraj Rox Viral Death Video Sparks Confusion, Is He Alive or Dead? Read To Know the Truth

Suraj Rox Death Rumors

Suraj Rox is a famous Indian humorist and a remarkable comedian, famous for his popular videos on social media, including Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. The comedian is best known for his entertainment and comedy videos, which have earned him a vast following worldwide. Suraj Rox has greatly influenced the audience with his captivating performance and … Read more

Adira Salahudi Viral Video Scandal, Footage Leaked On Telegram

Adira Salahudi Viral Video

Adira Salahudi is a Malaysian Instagram model and influencer with a vast following on Instagram and fans inspired by her modest style. The renowned influencer has been in trouble after a video leaked on social media platforms, which resulted in an abuzz on the internet, sparking scandal, controversy, and a wave of shock and disappointment … Read more

[VIDEO] GunGun Gupta Viral Video Incident, Controversy Surrounding GunGun Gupta

GunGun Gupta Viral Video

GunGun Gupta, a well-known Indian Instagram influencer, found herself at the centre of a viral video controversy in November 2023. With over 5.8 million followers on her Instagram account, @GunGungupta137, a personal (private) video of hers quickly went viral, capturing viewers’ attention. Gungun, a 19-year-old Indian influencer, has gained fame for her natural beauty and … Read more

Jenny Appleford, a You Tube Influencer, Is in Hospice Care or Has She Lost Her Battle Against Lung Cancer?

Jenny Appleford Dead

Jenny Appleford, the beloved and most viewed YouTube influencer, is living her last days. In this very crucial and sensitive time, she is surrounded by her family. In a recent YouTube video from the hospital, she shared that she’s living her final days now. There’s no such announcement about her death yet, as she’s in … Read more

Fitness Model Raechelle Chase’s Sudden Death: Cause of ‘Fitness Life Magazine’ Director

Raechelle Chase Death

The bodybuilding and fitness community is mourning the loss of internet sensation Raechelle Chase, who died in early October, leaving the internet world shocked and concerned about her sudden death. Cause of death The fitness model died early this month, and the cause of death was unknown. No information regarding the circumstances of her death … Read more

Famous Influencer Carol Eller Passed Away. What Happened to Her?

Carol Eller Dead

The São Paulo and influencer community is mourning the sudden loss of the famous Bolsonaro influencer Carol Eller, who died in a shocking tragedy, leaving behind his fans and loved ones shocked and heartbroken. Cause of death Carol Eller died by committing suicide. On Thursday, October 12, the influencer took his own life by jumping … Read more

Tayler Holder Accident – What Happened To Him? Health Status

Tayler had a terrible dirt bike accident

Tayler Holder, a well-known influencer, musician, and Tiktoker, was thrilled to return to Texas and hang out with his friends. On some dirt bikes, they displayed their enjoyment by performing some tricks and revving the engines. In the videos uploaded on Instagram Story, Cody Ware and Skyler Beaird, two brothers who were having a blast … Read more

Healthy Lifestyle Influencer Luana Hervier Dies

Luana Hervier Dies

Her last publication is from just four days ago, in which she announced the draw for a withdrawal. The yoga and healthy lifestyle influencer Luana Hervier died, according to her family through a statement posted on social networks without giving details of the cause of death. “Thank you for all the messages of love received. It is an intimate, … Read more