Dulce María Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

After struggling for years with multiple sclerosis, Dulce María Bojalil, daughter of Felicia Garza, died.

The news was confirmed by the artist in an interview for the Sale el Sol program, in which she revealed some details of the death of her 53-year-old daughter.

Garza asked for total discretion and understanding for the moment her family is going through.

“We are right now in the part of the funeral, we are going to watch over her, but of course, in privacy, which is what her family asked me, that is, my granddaughters and her husband, besides they are really in mourning, very sad, because it was a disease that consumed the whole family”, explained the artist.

Felicia Garza narrates that the disease consumed her

On the verge of tears, Felicia explained: “It was several years, it was mining. Of course, there was hope, because there is always hope, there is always a glimmer of hope and we hoped that he would recover her health, and get better, but she gradually left until a time came when she was practically a living dead because that is the sad thing, You see, she was leaving.”

The 82-year-old singer and author confessed that her greatest sadness right now is that she never imagined going through the process of saying goodbye to a child.

“It is the love that I have for her and I will always have her in my heart and it is where she will always be, even if the years go by, and the only thing I feel is sadness is that I really would have expected to leave before her [… ] because one always hopes to leave earlier and see your children grow and develop and move on with one’s life through them”, he stated.

Finally, Felicia revealed Dulce’s designs, who, according to her story, was suffering in the last moments of her life despite being sedated.

“What she wanted is for us not to be sad, but that is almost impossible in the face of the loss of someone you love, but of course, within everything she stopped suffering and we knew that deep down it was necessary for her to stop suffering. The only thing I asked God for is that she no longer suffers… not anymore!, not anymore!”, She said crying.

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