Dipasha Bc, Nepali Actress and Model Unfortunately Passed Away, Cause of Her Death?

Nepali actress and model Dipasha BC who was also known as ‘Jalpari,’ has died at a very young age of 28.

According to reports, she was undergoing treatment at Norvic International Hospital on Wednesday night. Today, on 16 November 2023, the hospital announced his death around noon. For now, the details of her exact time and place of death remain disclosed.

What happened to Dipsha?

According to the available reports, they say that the cause of Dipasha BC’s unexpected death was that a huge amount of poison was found in her system while she was under medical treatment. According to the reports, on Thursday evening, her body was taken to TU (Teaching Hospital) in Kathmandu for post-mortem.

For now, the details about Dipasha BC’s funeral arrangements and memorial service are not provided by the family. Her tragic death has left her family in shock. For now, her mother and younger sister are currently in Dubai, but as the news reaches them, the are on their way to Nepal to arrange her funeral. Those who wish to pay their tributes to the family can join in her memorial service.

Life of Dipasha BC

A young, beautiful lady, Dipasha BC, was also known as the ‘Jalpari’. She was known as Jalpari because of the versatile roles in her Nepali movies like ‘Birano Maya,’ ‘Chaal,’ ‘Dulahi Rani,’ and ‘Jheli.’ Because of all these characters she played, she left a profound impact on the industry and stood out as a versatile actress at such a young age. In the movie ‘Dulahi Rani’ in 2011, she came on the screen for the first time; that was her debut. She did not limit herself to acting, but she also went out of this. She was also a successful entrepreneur, and she used to manage the Glow Beauty Studio in Kathmandu.

One of the most famous singers, Shiva Pariyar, mentions on Facebook, “A sad incident that should not have happened has occurred. I pray for the peace of your soul, Deepasa.”

Her legacy continued, as she was also a very versatile and good dancer; her dance moves were very professional and mesmerizing; for almost 300 festivals and events, she excelled in her dance performances. This a very remarkable thing getting all this at such a young age. She was blessed enough, but this was what her faith held for her.

This is a challenging time for the family and the community as they have lost a gem of their lives. Everyone’s united to mourn the loss. However, the family of Dipasha BC will release an obituary soon.

Meanwhile, remember her and his devasted family in your prayers.

May her soul rest in peace.

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