Dani Suzuki Mourns The Death Of A Boy She Tried To Save From Drowning

This Sunday (14), Dani Suzuki used social media to mourn the death of a child. The presenter, who is the mother of 10-year-old Kauai, had already made a previous report saying that she saved the 3-year-old boy from drowning, however, after being rescued, he died.

On her Instagram profile, she made a ‘mourning’ post. About the previous post… I just got the news. I deeply regret to inform you that the little boy did not resist. We lost! My deepest feelings for the family,” she wrote.

She continued to mourn the loss. “An unimaginable pain. All my love to father, grandfather, baba, and the whole family, especially your little sister. Life puts us in situations that only God can explain. It’s the time for prayer. May you be at peace in the hands of God.”, she finished.

Previously, Dani reported the experience. “Yesterday I had one of the most difficult experiences of my life, life, and death. A child who had just drowned in the pool. I saw that little wet and purple body on the ground, among several desperate people, and I left the car in the middle of the street. It was a boy of about 3 years old, apparently already dead in the grass. I immediately called Dr. Daniel Becker, a pediatrician from Kauai, @pediatriaintegralbr and he very competently directed me through facetime to do cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth respiration”, she reported.

She continued. “I can’t explain much about what happened during that interminable time when I stayed there repeating the operation amid the screams of the desperate nanny, and the twin sister of the child who was crying besides me. I only know that a lot of water came out of that little body, during the 20 minutes I was there and no sign of life. After a while, a security guard appeared from the street, and soon after the ambulance took the boy to the hospital. When I saw it, there I was in the kitchen of the child’s house trying to talk to the grandfather to find the father. Finally, she arrived desperately and went to the hospital”, she said in another excerpt of the publication.

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