Sofía Aragón Was Hospitalized In An Emergency Due To Pneumonia

The former beauty queen Sofía Aragón remains hospitalized in a clinic after presenting a picture of pneumonia.

Sofía Aragón alarmed her followers on social networks when it was confirmed that she had to be hospitalized in an emergency due to a picture of pneumonia.

Through her official Instagram profile, the former beauty queen announced that she had been admitted to a clinic after presenting several symptoms related to Covid-19, but after carrying out the corresponding studies the doctors detected that it was pneumonia, which is why you will need to stay in the hospital.

The 27-year-old model shared a photo in which she appears in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask and connected to other devices in the clinic. Along with the image, the driver also shared her current health and diagnosis.

She explained that she began with symptoms three days ago, but the tests to detect Covid-19 that were carried out came out negative. Finally, she was assisted by a specialist who notified her that she had a picture of pneumonia.

“I started with a temperature and discomfort in my throat. After two hours of COVID tests that came back negative, I trusted myself and continued my normal life, completely ignoring the symptoms that my body had: sore throat, chest, lungs and head, temperature and cough, ”said Sofía.

“I took it as a little seasonal or even emotional flu and completely ignored it … Today, I’m in the hospital … I have pneumonia,” she added.

In addition, she called on her followers to constantly carry out medical studies and be aware of her health, and assured that in a few days she could continue with her normal life.

“Friends! Not just because we are not covid does it mean that we must trust ourselves and neglect ourselves … surely I will be perfect in a couple of days, but really, take care of yourselves,” she added

Sofía Aragón had already presented health problems at the beginning of 2021 due to complications derived from endometriosis that they detected since she was 16 years old. Then she pointed out that she fears not being able to become a mother at the cost of this disease and indicated that she has undergone two surgeries and treatments to treat this condition.

“From my first periods I had a lot of pain, but we always thought it was normal, and from the age of 16 until now that I am 27, I have been in hormonal treatments of many types to try to treat it and that has included two laparoscopic surgeries to try to burn and control the pockets of endometriosis around my body, “she said.

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