Converse Drive-By Shooting, 22-Year-Old Woman Dija Fatally Gunshot While Being Seated In the Car.

San Antonio, Texas:  In a tragic turn of events, the heart-wrenching incident took place in Converse, where a 22-year-old young woman died in a fatal shooting. The death of the young woman was announced on 8 December 2023, which was then followed by heartfelt outpourings from her friends and family, raising concern about the circumstances of the incident.

How did the incident occur?

According to the statement of Converse police, the tragic incident occurred at around 8:40 pm on Wednesday in Arundel Garden near FM 1516. It caused the life of a 22-year-old woman in a shooting incident. It has been reported that the young woman, identified as Dija, died in a drive-by shooting in Converse and was pronounced dead at the scene in front of a residence.

The investigation from the law enforcement authorities unfolded the incident by providing the information from the preliminary investigation that a black vehicle in which two suspects were seated opened multiple fires on another car in which Dija was sitting accompanying the man.

Surprisingly, the man did not suffer serious harm in the shooting, but he got injuries on his hand while forcefully accessing the car in his effort to reach the Dija. The unfortunate event took Dija’s life, and she became a victim of a murder crime.

Dija’s close acquaintance, Sarah Miles, took to social media and expressed her immense grief at the sudden passing of Dija. Her Facebook post admitted Dija’s personality and pure nature, indicating her as a young child. Sarah Miles further elaborated and criticized the media for sharing the video online and requested that the media refrain from spreading the news online unless the suspect in the case gets punished and information about the suspect is disclosed.

Dija, another friend, Lawanda Fennell-Morrison, expressed her heartfelt statement on Facebook and expressed Dija’s dream for the future as she was so young and the impact of her death on her family and requested the community to unite and support her family in this challenging time. She further elaborated on the value of justice and condemned the sharing of disturbing videos of the heinous crime.

The family and friends are going through a challenging time, and the community support will play a vital role in assisting them in coping with the loss. Further details about the footage and Dija’s identity have yet to be disclosed.

Obituary and funeral

The family will release the Obituary and funeral arrangements at a later date. Investigation is carried out to clarify and punish the perpetrator for this heinous crime.

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