Tony Diante Hampton, Texas Entrepreneur, Has Passed Away in An Apparent Shooting Incident

Tony Diante Hampton Dead

On Thursday, November 23, 2023, a very famous and reputable businessman, Tony Diante Hampton, unexpectedly passed away. In accordance with the reports available, the cause of Tony Diante Hampton is linked to an apparent shooting incident that happened. He got injured from the gunshots, could not survive any longer, and unexpectedly lost his life. The … Read more

Roger Nelson, a Texas Bartender, Died Tragically

Roger Nelson Dead

Unfortunately, Roger Nelson, a loved, passionate, accomplished bartender from Dallas, Texas, has died. What Mystery Caused Roger’s Death? Many people in the community are still in the dark and unanswered regarding Roger Nelson’s actual root cause of death, and they all are eagerly awaiting any new information about Roger’s case. Roger Nelson’s death was made … Read more

Tayler Holder Accident – What Happened To Him? Health Status

Tayler had a terrible dirt bike accident

Tayler Holder, a well-known influencer, musician, and Tiktoker, was thrilled to return to Texas and hang out with his friends. On some dirt bikes, they displayed their enjoyment by performing some tricks and revving the engines. In the videos uploaded on Instagram Story, Cody Ware and Skyler Beaird, two brothers who were having a blast … Read more

Texas: 11-year-old Boy Dies In Snowfall

11-year-old Boy Dies

The boy’s family assures that his death was due to the low temperatures in Texas; slept in a mobile home without power A child, 11 – year-old from Honduras, was killed by low temperatures that have caused the winter storms in Houston, Texas, United States. On February 16, during the morning, the Piñeda family woke up and realized that the boy, identified as Cristian, was … Read more

At Least 5 Killed In More Than 100 Car Crash In Texas

Accident In Texas

According to the authorities, the crash that involved at least 100 cars was caused by bad weather that has affected Texas roads. Interstate 35W in Fort Worth closed all lanes due to a huge accident. At least 100 vehicles collided Thursday morning on Interstate 35W in Fort Worth, Texas, killing at least five people, said Daniel Segura, … Read more

Tragedy in Texas: boy dies of a gunshot in the early hours of 2021

boy dies

Authorities are investigating the incident as a homicide. DALLAS, Texas – Authorities in Arlington, west of Dallas, are investigating the death of a boy who was shot in the head during the first minutes of 2021. Detectives indicated that the investigation is for homicide and it happened when several people were dancing and one of … Read more

[Video] Dallas Rapper Mo3 Was Shot And Killed While Driving On A Highway

Rapper Mo3 Died

Dallas rapper Mo3 was shot and killed while driving on a highway in his hometown. Several sources, such as Urban Islandz and DJ Akademiks, confirmed that on Wednesday, rapper Mo3 was driving on a busy road when another car pulled up beside him and started filling his vehicle with bullets. We were told that the shooting … Read more