Bujar Nishani Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Bujar Nishani, former president of Albania (2012-2017), passed away today at 55.

Nishani passed away in a hospital in Germany where he was hospitalized over a month ago, following post-Covid lung complications.

“President Nishani will always be remembered as a personality with rare values of a leader with integrity and vision. His contribution to Albania and democracy will always be remembered respectfully,” President Ilir Meta on Facebook.

It is reported that a month ago, Nishani went to Germany to get his liver illness treated.
The former head of state was a member of parliament in two legislatures and a deputy of the Democratic Party, the main center-right formation. During the government of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, he held the position of Minister of Justice and then the Interior. (HANDLE).
Moreover, Nishani was born in the port city of Durres, 20 miles west of the capital of Tirana. He went to the military academy and completed his graduation. Later he did the law faculty. The military academy was the place where his first lecture took place. Afterward, he worked in senior jobs in Albania’s Defense Ministry.

Nishani’s political career took birth in 2005 after being elected as a lawmaker.
During his whole political career, he was frequently accused by the radical Socialist Party of being too soft and close to the opposition Democrats.

Bujar Nishani Obituary:
In the United States, the mourning period for a regular citizen and a current or a former president looks quite different. Mourners attend a five-day funeral, private and public obituary services are hired, and a five-day event takes place to pay tribute. Moreover, Military guards are seen firing rifle salutes, and many other respectable things are done to pay tribute.
Now, we do not know what and how things happen in Albania.

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