Breno Silveira Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Filmmaker Breno Silveira, known for directing the feature ‘2 Filhos de Francisco’, a biopic by the duo Zezé di Camargo and Luciano, died this Saturday morning (14). The director was 58 years old and was on the set of ‘Dona Vitória’, his new film starring Fernanda Montenegro when he fell ill and was taken to the hospital, but he couldn’t resist. According to Extra, the cause of death would be a heart attack.

‘2 Filhos de Francisco’, released in 2005, was the first feature film directed by Silveira. He then directed ‘Once Upon a Time…’, about the story of a poor young man who falls in love with a rich girl; ‘À Beira do Caminho’, which tells the story of a truck driver traveling across Brazil alongside an orphan boy; ‘Gonzaga: de Pai pra Filho’, another biopic on his resume, this time by Luiz Gonzaga and Gonzaguinha.

He also directed ‘Entre Irmãs’, a feature starring Nanda Costa and Marjorie Estiano ; and more than 20 episodes of the series “1 Contra Todos”, starring Júlio Andrade . His last work was for Amazon Prime Video, directing the series “Dom”, inspired by the story of a police officer who dedicates his life to the fight against drugs, and his son, one of the most wanted criminals in Rio de Janeiro.

‘Dona Vitória’, which was at the beginning of filming, is based on the true story of a woman who dismantled a gang of drug dealers and police from records made from the window of her apartment in Copacabana, in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

Breno Silveira leaves a wife and two small daughters.

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