Beth Matthews Death Cause, Obituary, Husband, Children And Funeral

Beth Matthew, a lady who talked about mental health, dies. A native of Cornwall dies of suicide.

Beth documented her mental health problems and shared those videos on social media platforms. She was a victim of mental health problems.

She did everything from being a victim to becoming a successful social media influencer.

She left the world on Monday, 21 March 2022.

This was not the first time Beth Matthew tried to risk her own life. In the past, she tried multiple times to do that.

Four years back, she tried to end her life. Moreover, she made many unsuccessful attempts to commit suicide. In April 2019, she tried to get her own life on a road in Cornwall.

Beth was saved by her college friend Natalia Cartmell. She spoke about the whole incident on Cornwall live. She further said, ‘the incident happened early-morning, I brought Beth back to her life. She was on her walk to work and was passing by the A388 Tavistock Road in Launceston.’

The incident caused many serious health issues to Beth; she was poorly wounded. Her bones were broken, her spine was damaged, and some other internal organs were damaged badly.

She was brought to the hospital by the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Natalia talked about the details of the incident, “It was about a quarter to 6, and I was walking across the bridge and glanced over to the other side and watched a black silhouette. The closer I received, and the more I aimed, I watched a person, but it did not quite click at first. Then I realized she was on the wrong side of the railings, and I thought, “she is attempting to jump.”

“I ran over to her, and she was shouting at me from across the road not to go and to stay on the other side. I just carried on, rushed over to her, and dropped my bag on the floor. I grabbed her by the shoulders to pull her over, but she was fighting and pushing forward towards the road below. I had to put my arms around her neck and bring her over in a headlock as she was resisting. I had to attempt to get her on the ground.”

It’s sad that today, the one who spoke about mental health and battled is no more.

You can find her content on ‘Life Beyond The Ledge’ on Instagram. Moreover, she also talked about mental health on her Twitter.

Beth was a successful influencer; she was a very sporty and loving girl. However, her personality and words were so attractive that she was called a ‘lady with grace’ by her friends.

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