Nalie Agustin Death Cause, Obituary, Husband, Children And Funeral

Nalie Agustin, The Montreal cancer advocate, passed away at age 33. She had been battling breast cancer since 2013 but left her family, friends, and colleagues in sadness. The brave soul, cancer advocate, social media influencer, bestselling author of “The Diary of Nalie: A collection of life lessons and reflections shared while thriving through stage IV cancer and motivational public speaker has departed.

Nalie Agustin had also inspired people from her stories and diary that she shared on She also shared through Instagram that she did not want to be remembered for the clothes she wore, the places she went to, tying her headscarf or pulling off her short hair, the products she recommended, the treatments she had undergone, or the remedies she
practiced to heal, but HOW SHE MADE US FEEL!

She has inspired thousands of her growing community of Instagram and YouTube subscribers by her strong will and ability to shift perspective. She gave people hope to live, inspiration for living every day, resilience, bravery, and courage despite having cancer.

In her words, “I dedicated my entire journey at that point to advocating and spreading awareness because I didn’t look any other 24-years old who had breast cancer.”

Our condolences are with her and her family. She did not have any boyfriend, husband, children, and her funeral are yet to be confirmed. Her death has made her fans grieved over breast cancer and her “followers.” cared about her health, happiness, wellbeing, and progress/ If you look at the comments people have left at her post are kind, empowering, and supportive.

In May 2020, she began experiencing headaches, neck pain, numbness in her legs, and muscular spasm. She was rushed to the hospital. The emergency CT scan confirmed that her cancer had spread from the lungs to her brain. But she would be remembered for the challenges she faced,
adversity and dealt it with bravery. May her soul rest in peace!

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