Skydiver Alberto Winckelmann Died: What Happened To Him?

Friends and family publish the tragic news on social networks: the experienced Venezuelan parachutist died after an attempted jump in Dubai.

Bad news coming from the United Arab Emirates. Friends and relatives of Alberto Winckelmann have communicated his death through social networks. The details of his death are unknown, although it is known that he was attempting a BASE jump -one of the riskiest modalities of skydiving due to its narrow margin of error- in the city of Dubai.

Winckelmann was an expert skydiver who had been part of the SkyDive Venezuela school, located at the Higüerote national airport. He practiced BASE jumping and parachute jumping all over Venezuela, but also all over the world, as he shows that he was in Dubai at the time of his death. The capital of the UAE is a paradise for this sport due to the large number of skyscrapers it has and the facilities to practice it.

Since his death has been made public, the messages on social networks have not stopped. One of the most emotional has been that of his compatriot, fellow adventurer, and renowned BASE jumper Carlos Pedro Briceño: “Albert left us very soon, now who am I going to do mischief like this with. The good thing is that every memory brings me a smile […] One of the things that Alberto liked the most was doing jumps with style, always thinking about the colors he would wear so that he would be seen and appreciate what he was going to do. Much love, young man!”

But messages from the Caracas Chamber have also been dedicated to him: “We regret the death of Alberto Winckelmann, an outstanding parachutist, and cousin of Federico Winckelmann, a much-appreciated friend and honorary director of the Board of Directors of our institution.” Or his instructor and jumpmaster Miguel Dao, former director of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigation Corps (CICPC): “I regret his tragic death, an excellent person, a good parachutist, Venezuelan above all else.” D.E.P.

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