Actor Justin James Danton Died After Being Hit By A Ghost Car In Medellín

Justin James Danton, 36, died at the Las Americas Clinic after being the victim of a ghost driver who hit him and subsequently ran away.

Justin James Danton, an actor of British origin, participated in at least five audiovisual productions, and, apparently, he was in Colombia working on a new project.

His career was cut short at 36 years of age by a ‘ghost car’ that ran over him and caused serious injuries that cost him his life.

The events occurred around 6:00 am last Monday on Regional Avenue, at the height of the La Aguacatala neighborhood, in the south of Medellín, local media reported.

The Englishman was reportedly run over by the vehicle while trying to cross the road on foot. The driver of the car fled, while some people helped him and took him to the Las Américas Clinic in the capital of Antioquia.

“On August 9 around 6:00 am, a man of English citizenship entered the emergency and emergency service, who was the victim of a traffic accident, according to the people who transported him to the institution. He presented severe multiple trauma, without response to stimuli and signs of brain death; his neurological evolution was not favorable, also presenting hemodynamic deterioration “, they reported from the health center and confirmed that he died that same day.

The authorities are advancing in the investigation of the events surrounding the accident, in search of the person accused of running over Justin James Danton.

“Our traffic officers of the life unit are in the pertinent investigation of the data of the driver and the vehicle that caused this fact, to leave them at the disposal of the respective investigative unit of the Attorney General’s Office,” said John Jairo Vélez, supervisor of Traffic Agents in Medellín, to the local channel Telemedellín.

About Justin James Danton

The actor was born on July 26, 1984, in the town of Kent, England, located approximately 60 kilometers away from London.

He studied acting for two years in London and participated in at least five audiovisual productions (a music video, three short films, and a movie), according to his profile on the Mandy artist job platform.

He also used Justin Courtney as a stage name, as referenced in the Internet Movie Database, IMDb, where his appearance in three other shorts is also shown.

His last job was in 2017, in the film The Legend of the Mad Ax Man by director Philip Mears, playing the role of Brett Stevenson.

Apparently, Justin James Danton was in Medellín carrying out personal artistic projects, according to Minute 30, since he had a valid immigration card until April 24, 2022, revealed Q’hubo Medellín.

Gemma Valentine Danton, the actor’s mother, wrote a heartfelt farewell message on Facebook that she accompanied with some photos of Justin.

“What is life. It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is a breath of a buffalo in winter. It is like the little shadow that runs across the lawn and is lost in the sunset. Good night, sweet prince, a piece of my broken heart leaves with you. Until we meet again on another shore. I love you “

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