Cole LaBrant Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actor Actually In 2022?

Cole LaBrant Net Worth

Cole LaBrant is one of the most famous American social media stars and influencers. He started on Vine. Later on, he joined TikTok and YouTube with his family, known as The LaBrant Fam. Cole LaBrant’s net worth is around $13 million. He makes videos with his wife and children. In these videos, he shares his family life with his fans and viewers.

Cole LaBrant in a Glance

Name Cole LaBrant
Date of BirthAugust 21, 1996
BirthplaceTroy, Alabama, US
ProfessionSocial Media Star and Influencer
WifeSavannah LaBrant
Age25  years
Height185 cm / 6ft 1in
Eyes ColorPiercing Blue Eyes
Hair ColorBlond
Also Known asthesupercole
Sun SignLeo
Net Worth$13 million

Early Life

On August 21, 1996, he was born in Troy, Alabama, the United States of America, to mother Sheri LaBrant and father, Ken LaBrant. His parents met when they were just 17 years old. He was raised in a Christian family. That is why Christianity is still a huge part of his faith today. He has one sister, Lily LaBrant, and four brothers, Luke LaBrant, Jack LaBrant, Clay LaBrant, and Tate LaBrant. 

Cole LaBrant Family
Cole LaBrant Family /Photo

Personal Life

When Cole LaBrant was on, he sent Savannah a DM asking for a shout-out. They did not interact after that. But one fine day, they ran into each other in Los Angeles. The two started seeing each other out that quickly blossomed into romance.

Cole LaBrant and his wife, Savannah LaBrant, started dating in 2016 and got married in 2017. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, Posie Rayne LaBrant, in December 2018 and a son, Zealand Cole LaBrant, in July 2020. 

Cole LaBrant Net Worth & Career

Cole Labrant began his online career on Vine with a video in 2013. The dancing video also featured his two friends, John Stephen Grice and Baylor Barnes, which went viral, amassing them an impressive following. The group was called Dem White Boyz, with over 6.4 million followers. In 2016, Cole and his mother participated in The Amazing Race and ended up runner-ups, missing the $1 million prize. 

In his Vine stardom days, LaBrant was hacked, and the hackers deleted almost all of his pictures. He was thrown to the ground after working so hard for two years. This incident made him stop twerking on Vine and become more religious.

In July of 2017, after Cole Labrant’s marriage with Savannah, Cole Labrant’s brand has transformed from a fun dancing group to a Christian family channel.

Cole LaBrant Net Worth

With his extreme popularity and a massive fan following on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook,, Snapchat, and others, the net worth of Cole LaBrant shoots up to an astonishing $13 million

Other Sources of Income

Other than earning from a social media career, Cole LaBrant also deals in the real estate business. 

How Much Cole LaBrant Earns?


Cole LaBrant’s YouTube channel with over 13.1 million subscribers is his main source of earning. He earns approximately $5.5 million in ad revenue from YouTube annually. 

Tik Tok

Cole LaBrant has a huge following on TikTok with over 20.5 million followers. Advertisements on TikTok are worth $200 to $20,000 per sponsored video promoted by influencers. Cole LaBrant is sponsored by Audible, Date Box, Love with Food, Sugar Bear Hair, etc. So do your math to see how much someone with 16 million followers must be earning on TikTok.

Instagram and Facebook

Cole LaBrant has 4.9 million followers on Instagram and 2.3 million followers on Facebook. He earns by doing sponsored videos on Instagram.  

Book Sales

In 2018, Cole LaBrant and Savannah published a book, “Cole and Sav, Our Surprising Love Story.” They have since sold thousands of copies worth around $13 million.


The LaBrant family is near to becoming a social media dynasty. Just like other social media stars, they do sometimes upload controversial content on the internet. In 2008, they were heavily criticized when they fake a wildfire evacuation. The controversial video claimed that they were forced to leave their California home due to the nearby Holy Fire. 

Savannah was expecting at that time. They got into a car with Everleigh and pretended to leave for San Francisco. Soon their neighbors busted their drama by confirming that no such evacuation notices were issued for the Orange County neighborhood where Cole and Sav resided.

People bashed them for exploiting a situation as serious as a fire just for a few hundred likes. Cole and Sav tried to control the damage by changing the video’s thumbnail and title. But people already had screenshots of their mischievous prank as evidence. The original title was “A giant fire makes us evacuate our house.” The altered one was, “We left our house because of fires in California.” 

They came under fire on another occasion when they did a cruel prank on Everleigh.

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They decided to play an April Fool’s Day prank on the poor child, Everleigh, but it backfired enormously. They faked up a story that they would get rid of the family’s dog, carl. Everleigh was left in tears after hearing the news. After a severe backlash, the video has been removed. The subscribers could not take anymore when they see a child in distress and bashed the parents for an inhumane act.

Fun Facts

  • When in high school, Cole LaBrant asked out Selena Gomez to prom with him via Twitter. He was already a Vine star back then.
  • When he started dating Savannah Soutas, Cole LaBrant adopted, Everleigh, Savannah’s daughter, from her ex-boyfriend, Tom Smith,
  • He also has a tattoo that has a meaning,” Alive in Christ. Every heartbeat. Every breath. Live it for Him.”
  • In 2015, Cole LaBrant did an HP Commercial for its HP x2.
  • His followers think that he looks like Kristoff from the movie Frozen. 


Cole LaBrant is not as controversial as other YouTubers. Still, he had some moments which he must be regretting. Overall he is a good family guy with good values. 

Together with his wife, Savannah, their Youtube Channel is the most cherished and sought-after Christian family channel. Cole Labrant’s net worth is estimated to be around $13 million. And this is certainly going to increase further in future.

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