Your face is familiar to me final: El Dasa breaks down in tears calling for his mother

Dasa burst into tears and while the tears ruined the makeup that had transformed him into a Cristian Castro clone, he began to call his mother during the grand finale of “Your face sounds to me ,  the network’s Sunday program Univision.

During the night, the Mexican artist had moved the jury with his interpretation of “No tú”, while imitating the voice of El Gallito Feliz and making his movements to perfection.

The emotion was great

El Dasa’s tears came after the sum of the votes he had received from Sunday to Sunday, during the broadcasts of “Your face sounds to me,” gave him first place.


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“Mom, Mom, I won,” the artist began to shout when he was announced as the winner of the first season of the show, in which artists transform into other stars and compete for money that goes to their favorite charity.

“I finally won something,” El Dasa added as tears slid down his cheeks, opening furrows on the makeup that had given him the illusion of a round face and the most marked features of Cristian Castro. So good was the characterization that he even wore green contact lenses, like the singer’s eyes.


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Love of television

During his speech, the singer and actor paid a great tribute to television. “We have a great responsibility,” he said in reference to his teammates whom he generously celebrated. “We are all great.”

“May we never lose the illusion of entertaining and may television never die, may it always go up. There are more than 200 people working here so that only 15 of us go to the frame, ”El Dasa stressed.

The Dasa won $ 60,000

During his participation in “Tu cara me suena” El Dasa raised a good amount of money for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) (Coalition for the human rights of immigrants).

In addition to the 40,000 prize money, El Dasa won an additional $ 10,000 by being chosen by the public as the most popular contestant. Added to this is the $ 10,000 he earned by winning two of the nights.

The first 5,000 were with his interpretation of Juan Gabriel. Dasa showed his talent by transforming into El Divo de Juárez and singing his great hit “Amor eterno”. At the final gala he was also in first place and earned another $ 5,000.


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This means a total of $ 60,000 for the entity, which, as Univision explained, is “made up of diverse families and immigrants who act as agents of social change to achieve a world with freedom of mobilization, full human rights and a true participatory democracy. ”.



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